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September Books

September Books

Posted on: Sunday 1 October 2023

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I didn't do quite as well in September as the August or July with reading, but I still managed two books and seeing as I feel like I have zero time in a day for anything, I think that's a pretty good achievement, although my ever increasing TBR pile would maybe disagree. Here's what I read in September: 

This Is Not A Pity Memoir by Abi Morgan // This is actually non-fiction, although it's not immediately obvious because it is definitely fiction material. It's the first book by screenwriter Abi Morgan, whose partner doesn't know who she is when he wakes from a coma. I was absolutely gripped by this because it's one of those real life stories that you hear and think how on earth did that person keep going? I also liked the way it was written; some of it felt like she'd just written it on the day and never edited it (although I'm sure she probably had!) and she just came across as very real (which I know she is, but I more mean she didn't edit herself either). I rated it four stars. 

Four Winds by Kristin Hannah // I absolutely loved The Nightingale so was very excited to read another book by Kristin Hannah. Set during the Great Depression in America, it's the story of a mother and her children who live in the Texas 'dustbowl' and what they do to try to survive. It's similar to The Nightingale in that although it's not a true story, because so much of it is based in historical fact there must be plenty of real life stories out there that are just like this one, which is heartbreaking. Although a heavy read it had quite short chapters which made it easier and I found myself almost falling asleep reading it some nights because I hadn't wanted to put it down! I rated it four stars. 

Here's hoping I finally catch up with my TBR pile at some point this year!

Amy x


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