Why We Need More Understanding of Disability

I want to clarify straight away that it is totally fine not to understand disability and that's kind of the whole point behind this post - that there seems to be a lack of education and/or experience in society surrounding disability, which has resulted in a lot of people feeling completely out of their depth when they find themselves in situations involving disabled people. 

I wanted to write this post after hearing a statistic that really horrified me - 90% of pregnant women have an abortion after finding out their baby is at high risk of having down syndrome. I can't say how accurate this figure is, just that it came from a down syndrome campaigner. At first I was appalled, but after chatting to a few friends about it I realised that as someone who has grown up around disability I was jumping to the conclusion that women were doing this because they just didn't like the idea of having a baby with down syndrome, when in fact they're doing it because they're downright scared. And why are they scared? Because they have absolutely zero knowledge or experience of disability. Obviously I'm not saying you shouldn't have an abortion if you want one, but the fact that people are so uninformed is a big issue and must contribute significantly to this figure.

For someone who hasn't had any experience around those with disabilities it must be so difficult to know how to act around people with disabilities, never mind begin to understand them so I think it's really sad that people aren't being given the knowledge they need. Women can be in a situation where there is a chance their baby may have down syndrome and they're still not being given enough information.

I think people who do have experience of disability are quick to judge those who don't and I've learnt over time to see it from a different perspective. When I was younger I glared at any other child who dared to stare at my sister, but now I realise it's natural curiosity for a child to be interested in something they haven't come across before.

The fact that I've grown used to people not understanding disability doesn't mean I think people shouldn't. I think there needs to be better education, particularly around mental disabilities that a lot of people don't know how to deal with and better integration within society (in Hull a lot of mainstream schools are now twinned with SEN schools, which I think is great).

I don't really know how to end this post because basically I've just moaned about a problem and not really worked out how to solve it. But I suppose what I'm trying to say is, let's be more tolerant of each other - if someone doesn't understand disability don't jump down their throat because it may just be lack of experience and alternatively, if someone has a disability why not make the effort to better understand it?

Do you agree with any of the points I've made in this post? (If I put them across clearly enough!)

Amy x

Spring Favourites

Hello hello, here's a round up of my favourite products I've been using this season...

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter // This is probably up there as my number one favourite product this season and I've been using it to remove my make up every day. It's so good at removing make up (including eye make up) but so gentle at the same time; I think it's the only make up removal product that doesn't sting my eyes! The scent is very subtle and so calming if you're using it before bed and it just feels nice to use. Like a lil' mini facial every night and I'm definitely here for it. 

Lush Cup o' Coffee Face Mask // I did a full review on this product here so I won't say too much about it, but I will yet again tell you how amazing it smells. It makes my skin so soft as well as making it look healthy and awake. Just don't expect your shower/sink to look clean after using it, it's definitely not low maintenance removal wise...

Rimmel Lip Liner in Spice // I bought three Rimmel lip liners when they were three for two a while ago, but this one is by far my favourite. It's the perfect base for almost any colour lipstick, but is also lovely just on it's own. I've mainly been using it as a base for nude pinks to make them look that little bit more vibrant although I have worn it on it's own a lot too as it's a lovely colour. Who knew I'd ever be into lip liner eh?

Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub // I've also reviewed this product in full (here), but basically this is a DIY-er's dream because it sorts out your hands so well (which if left to their own devices would just become a dry crusty mess...) I've heard it's also a firm favourite of nurses and other workers who have to wash their hands frequently (although shouldn't we all really?).

What are your favourite products at the moment? Have you tried any of these?

Amy x

Office Transformation


When we moved in this room was fully wallpapered and carpeted (in scarily bright colours!). There was a blocked up chimney breast in there and a big airing cupboard where the boiler was kept. There were also foam ceiling tiles (hardest things to remove!). Lack of wall space and the presence of the big window meaning this is a nice bright room meant it was the obvious choice for an office!


Firstly we had the gas heater taken out and replaced with a radiator. After stripping the wallpaper off we discovered that the walls weren't in great condition and that the chimney breast hadn't been properly blocked up. After toying with the idea of opening it up we decided we didn't need the hassle so blocked it up properly ourselves and put an air brick in. We got the walls re-plastered and also replaced an old horsehair wall with plasterboard. On ripping the carpet up we were pleasantly surprised to find the floorboards weren't in too bad a condition and seeing as we had already bought a big rug for the room we decided to just sand these down and varnish them. At this point we discovered a lot of woodworm marks in the floorboards (at which point I panicked) BUT top tip if you live in an old house, these marks are usually decades old and the woodworm itself is long gone. A quick way to check is the lay some paper down over the wood for a couple of weeks and if there are no marks in the paper there isn't any there (hooray!). We painted the walls and jazzed up the airing cupboard with some beading.


The colour on the walls is another Wilko number called Oatmeal. My mum made the blind with some fabric we bought from Dunelm. The desk, rug and chair are from IKEA, as is the blanket box we've had for a while. My favourite little area of this room is around the radiator. We bought a radiator cover and painted it white then decorated it with a couple of plants and my favourite big clock.

What do you think of our office space? How do you/would you have yours decorated?

Amy x