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August Books

August Books

Posted on: Sunday 3 September 2023

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I didn't think I'd read that many books in August until I sat down to write this post and realised I've managed three again. So despite me feeling like I'm constantly busy I'm happy to see I clearly must be at least taking the time to slow down a little at the end of each day, which is when I read. 

How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie // Well the title says it all, sort of. Grace is writing the story in prison of how she's killed her estranged family, while she's actually serving time for killing someone she didn't...Dark humour at its best and despite the rather unlikeable main character (who, strangely, I found myself almost rooting for at times) I really enjoyed this. It's one of those very hyped books where you wonder if you'll actually enjoy it as much as you're supposed to, but I definitely did. I rated it four stars.

A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins // I loved The Girl On The Train so had very high hopes for this by the same author. At the time I absolutely loved it and sped through it and I did rate it four stars on Goodreads, yet when I was looking back on what I'd read in August I'd already forgotten what it was about and was wondering why I did rate it four so maybe it's a three really. A sort of whodunnit where a young man is murdered on a canal boat, the story follows the lives of all the people who could have murdered him.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou // Despite having heard of this book a lot I didn't actually realise it was autobiographical until I started reading it. It follows Maya Angelou's childhood in the Southern US and while I did find it a good read, it was also quite a difficult one in parts and for that reason I only rated it three stars. 


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