Call Me Monthly // MAY

Fun fact: while writing the title of this post I accidentally misspelt May as Amy and that's actually my name so that's interesting isn't it? Okay, fun fact over. Here's what I've been listening to, reading and watching throughout May...dive in pals.

I've been really quite appalling at taking any outfit photos this month so I don't really have a 'wearing' section and you'll have to just take my word for it that I've been very into floaty dresses (see above), mustard and generally beige clothes.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds // I'd Pick You Every Time

The Kooks // No Pressure

Laura Marling // Night Terror

Bastille // The Descent

Feist // My Moon My Man

Natty // Bedroom Eyes

The BPA // Toe Jam

Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Gold Lion

Coldplay // Princess of China

DMA's // Do I Need You Now?

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Line of Duty // There certainly aren't any spoilers here because I've only just started watching this from the very beginning. So far I'm not as gripped as I expected to be from what everyone else says about it, but I'm soldiering on so we'll see.

Game of Thrones // Yes this was in the last monthly round up, but I couldn't not include it when it's been the finale and all that could I? No spoilers here either, but I think I was a little underwhelmed. 

This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay // I finally got round to reading the book everyone and their dog has been talking about and I bloody loved it. It's in equal parts funny, gross and heartbreaking and is just so real. Would 100% recommend if you're as late to the party as I was. 5/5.

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty // I love Liane Moriarty's books, but I'd say this was my least favourite of hers so far. It was good, but a little far fetched. 2.5/5.

Amy x

Please Can We Stop Measuring People By Their Achievements?

Society as a whole tends to judge people on the things that don't matter so much; having a good job, being a straight A student, being able to afford your own house in your twenties.

Society as a whole is kind of missing the point.

Why does it matter if someone has a good job when they might actually hate said job so much that it's making them really unhappy?

Why is being a straight A student more important than being a kind, honest and giving person?

Who cares whether you own your own house or not as long as you have a roof over your head and you're grateful for it?

We're brought up to believe that there are certain things we should achieve in life, usually by a certain age and done in a certain way.

To be seen as functioning adults we should find a job that not only do we love, but that earns us a decent amount of money. We should find a person who we love, who we'll marry and start a picture perfect family with. We should buy a house with the decent amount of money that we earn from the job that we love and fill it with the picture perfect family we're supposed to have.

Tick all those boxes and society will tell you that, yes, well done, you've done an excellent job at living and you should now be very happy. 

But, (excuse my language please mum) that's all bullshit really isn't it?

The same things don't make everyone happy. Ticking boxes doesn't make everyone happy. Sometimes boxes that are ticked end up with a big red cross through them instead.

Life isn't about doing what you think you should do. It's about finding what makes you really, truly happy.

And hey, maybe ticking those boxes does  make you happy, and that's fine too.

Either way, we need to start judging people for who they are rather than for what they are.

Ultimately it comes down to that awfully tacky and overused phrase you do you, which I never thought I'd use in a blog post, but I suppose it sums up my point quite nicely doesn't it?

Amy x

The Happy List // 2.0

Catching up with a friend you haven't seen in years and immediately remembering why you were friends in the first place

Beige clothes

Having so much fun you forget to check your phone for hours

Buying someone a present you know they'll really love

Coffee and croissants

Sticking to your guns, however difficult it may be

Too much pizza

Sleeping with the window open

A supportive comment from someone who doesn't realise how much you needed it


The people who just get you when you think that nobody will

Making plans, big or small

Looking to the future, not the past

Cooking a meal from scratch

The smell of fresh air after it's been raining

Getting lost in a book on the train

Minty lip balm

Brief moments where you feel like it may just be possible to actually get your shit together

I'm Obsessed With Gold Jewellery // LOOKBOOK

I blame Pinterest (and, I suppose, my newfound obsession with getting various parts of my ears pierced) for the influx of gold jewellery that's made its way into my shopping basket, and therefore my life recently.

I've heard that at some point in your life you're supposed to choose between whether you're a gold or a silver jewellery kinda person. I'd say I'm a ditherer; I've certainly been both and I'm not even opposed to a bit of mixing even though I've been told that's a cardinal sin. At the moment though, I'm firmly in camp gold.

I'm very much enjoying 'styling my ears' (feel free to comment and call me a pretentious idiot for that phrase) and I thought it'd be a waste of my endless collection of new (fake, obvs) gold jewellery if I didn't make a lil' lookbook out of it.

So v important question of the day; gold or silver?

Amy x