Homemade Lush Oatifix Mask

Before I get into this post let me mention that 1) yes this mask does feel like you're spreading cold porridge all over your face and 2) I've never actually tried Lush Oatifix so it may be not that similar at all.

Long Distance Friendship

Everyone talks about how difficult long distance relationships are and I definitely agree with that, but a less talked about topic is long distance friendship, which can be equally hard to maintain. When you leave school or university and everyone disperses across the country (or sometimes even further) it's a real test and that's when you find out which friends are for life and which ones will just become a happy memory of your teenage years.

Beauty Is Subjective And So Are Flaws

'Beauty is subjective' is a phrase I'm sure we've all heard and probably agree with to some extent - some people will find us beautiful and some will not. However it doesn't stop us thinking that a lot more people will find others attractive over us - a piece of art is subjective yet most people would rather have a Picasso hanging in their hallway than a Pollock (or so we think). Comparing ourselves to others is inevitable, but it's important to remember that the exact people you're comparing yourself to have self doubts and times that they consider themselves a Pollock too.

Five Braided Hairstyles

I've always been a lover of plaits and one of my most worn hairstyles is a fishtail plait. Recently I've been getting a bit more experimental and trying new braided styles, partly because we've been watching a lot of Game of Thrones and I have the biggest girl crush on Daenerys Targaryen - I want her hair, clothes and sass (and dragons). I think it's also just because it's summer and I just want my hair to look that bit prettier. Here's what I've been trying:

Homemade Nakd Bars

Nakd bars are one of my staple snacks to get me through the week. I try to be as healthy as I can throughout the week (and then treat myself on a weekend #balance) but I can't get through the week without a little sweet treat so Nakd bars are my go to because they're still fairly healthy. Seeing as they're a little pricey (for the amount I eat anyway!) and also because I fancied the experiment I thought I'd try making my own and adding my own flavours to them! The flavours I decided to try were chocolate with ginger and chocolate with peanut butter. (P.S I'm aware they're not the most appetising things to look at - they taste good though I promise).

10 Things Emetophobics Want You to Know

I wanted to write this post because of a Twitter chat a few weeks ago where the question was about fears - I was almost embarrassed to admit that mine was vomit, but was then astonished at the amount of people who replied to me saying that was their fear too. After that I did some research, and although I don't know how accurate this is, I read that emetophobia is the fifth most common phobia. I was so surprised at that as I don't really think it is recognised as a valid phobia. So I thought I'd cobble together 10 things emetophobics (or me at least) want you to know:

How I Use Essential Oils

Apart from tea tree oil I've never really used essential oils - they've always been one of those things I've wanted to try but never got round to doing so. I recently got the chance to try five of the essential oils from Buff and Butter* and, as a novice, I hadn't realised how many there are to choose from! It's so interesting reading about the benefits of each different oil and I tried to pick based on my own wants and needs. I've been using them all a little differently so I thought I'd run through which ones I picked and how I've been using them.