Call Me Monthly // OCTOBER

At a time when I've not been particularly good at posting anything these monthly round ups certainly come in handy, seeing as the organised part of my mind wouldn't really be able to cope with me skipping one; it would just send everything out of whack wouldn't it?

October has been quite a lovely month actually; it began with a week away in Italy with some other blogging gals (which I will get round to writing about properly soon I promise) and I'm ending it with a few days away in a lodge in Yorkshire with Matthew's lovely family.

Anyway, enough about the finer details of my life; here's what I've been wearing, listening to, reading and watching throughout the month:

I'm having a piano/jazz phase.

Yann Tiersen // Comptine d'un autre ete, l'apres-midi

Ludovico Einaudi // Nuvole Bianche

Bill Withers // Lovely Day

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong // Cheek To Cheek

San Cisco // Too Much Time Together

Blossoms // Your Girlfriend

Count Basie // Splanky

Benny Goodman // Sing, Sing, Sing

Duke Ellington // Take The 'A' Train

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After Life // Oh me oh my, if you haven't watched this Ricky Gervais series on Netflix then you really need to get on it. It's the best thing I've watched this year at least. Just prepare yourself for all the emotions; one moment you're laughing your head off and the next your heart is absolutely breaking.

The Angel Tree by Lucinda Riley // I always enjoy books by Lucinda Riley and this was no exception. She always manages to tell two stories in one (one past, one present) but it's never confusing and always keeps me hooked. 4/5.

You by Caroline Kepnes // Yes that's right, I read two books in October. I've watched the first couple of episodes of this on Netflix and quite enjoyed them, but actually found the book a little poor and now I know the (disappointing) ending I don't think I'll bother watching the rest of the series. 2/5

Amy x

BLOGGING // An On And Off Love Affair

Next month will mark five years since I decided I was bored of life and needed a new hobby, so sat down to write my first blog post (I'd appreciate it if you didn't go back and read any of my early posts; yes they're still there for nostalgic reasons, but I promise they're really rather bad).

In that five years I've discovered that if you're in it for the long haul, blogging really is a love affair.

There are plenty of times when I feel like I've 'fallen out of love' with blogging and often spend far too long wondering what I could, or should do differently.

Is nobody reading my content because I've been writing purely for myself?

Am I a sellout for writing posts that make me a little bit of dollar?

There's not really a right or wrong with blogging, and I've learnt that I can write posts both for myself and that make me a bit of money without compromising myself or my blog.

In terms of the love affair, I'd say me and blogging are a little on the rocks at the moment. That doesn't really worry me anymore though because we've been here before; the inspiration and the motivation, along with any real desire to write at all, just aren't really there.

It's easy to become disillusioned with blogging, to question why I even bother when there are a hell of a lot more important things happening in the world than what I wore this week. But then I didn't start a blog with the aim of changing the world, or with the aim of doing anything other than occupying my own little mind.

I know we'll be back on soon, blogging and I; the inspiration and motivation will come charging back with full force, the desire to write will hit me like a ton of bricks and because of that, I won't have time to be disillusioned.

Because when you're truly passionate about something, you ride it out through thick and thin.

When In Tuscany // LOOKBOOK

This post contains gifted items.
My trip to Italy was courtesy of Bookings For You, who provided us with a beautiful villa for our stay on the Mansalto estate.

Hello you dreamy lot, I'm fresh from a five day trip to Tuscany, Italy where much pasta and wine was consumed, impossible looking craggy hills were conquered and a freezing cold swimming pool was braved for the sake of outfit photos (but more of all that in a future post).

For now I'm bringing you a lookbook of my outfits from the week, shot mostly by the lovely Liv with a bit of input from my gals Ashton and Violet. Most of the images were shot within our beautiful villa and the surrounding estate.

Outfit One // Dress - Vintage

Outfit Two // Dress - Asos (here) / Sandals - Boohoo* (gifted) / Sunglasses - Chinese Laundry

Outfit Three // Trousers - Chinese Laundry / Jacket - H&M (here) / Sandals* (as above)

Outfit Four // Jumpsuit - Matalan* (gifted - here) / Hat - Asos (here) / Sandals - Asos (here

Outfit Five // Dress - a Violet Glenton special / Sandals - Asos (here)

Amy x

Tuscany, Italy