Call Me Monthly // NOVEMBER

In a month where I've once again spectacularly failed in writing anything much on here, here comes another monthly roundup to keep my blogging brain ticking over. December may be fairly quiet on the blog post front too, but in the New Year I'm definitely going to be making more of an effort to put fingers to keyboard and get some of the ideas in my head actually written down! Lucky you eh?

It's been a pretty casual month clothes-wise; winter always does that to me because comfy and warm is the best thing ever ain't it?

I've got a fair few gigs on the cards at the moment so this short playlist is pretty much me listening to the artists I'm seeing on repeat.

Charlotte // All My Life

Charlotte // What Is It My Love

Liam Gallagher // Be Still

Liam Gallagher // Glimmer

Miles Kane // Don't Forget Who You Are

Miles Kane // Loaded 

Lewis Capaldi // Bruises

Bastille // Joy

Bastille // Million Pieces

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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here // Currently about ten episodes behind due to a trip away combined with late shifts, but I'm much more hooked on this than I thought I would be after not having properly watched it for a fair few years. I personally think I'd be a Jacqueline in there.

The Wall // Started watching this as a bit of a joke, started doing Danny Dyer impressions and somehow now watch it every week. November's telly choices are probably my most trashy yet... 

Star of Light by Patricia St. John // I read this as a child, but wanted to re-read it before I gave it to a charity shop. It's quite a heartwarming story, but extremely old-fashioned in terms of writing style. 2/5.

Amy x

AD // The Perfect Christmas Dress // LOOKBOOK

Some of the items in this post were kindly gifted to me by Oasis, but all opinions and questionable poses with Christmas trees are my own.

I'm not really one to invest in a typical Christmas party dress; I'm forever thinking of price per wear and the sparkly sequin numbers that usually hit the high street at this time of year don't fare very well on that scale.

So when  I was challenged by Oasis to create three different party looks with the same dress I decided to test whether I actually could get more than just one wear out of a Christmas party dress. Turns out, yes I can. Who knew? (Lots of people I suppose or there wouldn't be any demand for Christmas party dresses, but humour me yes?)

So here are my three different looks featuring the absolute dreamiest star print dress (oh and if you're interested, you can get 15% off that and all partywear at Oasis with the code CALLMEAMY).

ALL OUT PARTY // For a proper out out Christmas party this is the kinda look I'd go for; I've gone all out with the stars here because dedication. Dress, heeled boots, sparkly clutch bag, but yes still tights because guys it's cold out there okay.

CHRISTMAS DRINKS // The dressed down version; add a denim jacket and a baker boy and you're ready for some casual Christmas drinks, star style.

CHRISTMAS MEAL // I stole the idea of popping a polo neck underneath this dress from Violet and I have to say I bloody love it as a way of making it a bit more casual. I swapped heeled boots out for chelsea boots too and you've got a daytime christmas meal look sorted, still with the same excellent dress. I'll be getting lots of wear out of you cute thing.

Amy x
Hull, UK

Ten Bloggers, One Villa, Much Wine

This post contains gifted experiences. Our villa on the Mansalto estate was kindly provided by Bookings For You.

Ten Bloggers:

Myself (hello I'm Amy)
Violet (organiser extraordinaire)

One Villa:

We stayed in Villa Le Tornaie, which was located on the Mansalto estate between Siena and Arezzo and was about two hours' drive from Pisa Airport. You do need a car to get to the villa, especially if you want to visit anywhere else during your stay and luckily we had four willing drivers (myself included) between two cars and aside from a rather traumatic rocky hill experience the driving was pretty plain sailing. 

The villa itself was the perfect chill out hideaway, complete with swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, courtyard and huge communal eating space. On our first night we were kindly treated to homemade pizza by Paolo from Massimo Ristorante Belvedere in the dining area, which was the perfect way to settle into the villa and much needed after a very long day.

Tuscany really seems to be a win win region of Italy; you can spend the day completely relaxing within the comfort of your villa, surrounded by idyllic views, you can explore nearby cities such as Florence or Siena or you can discover the history of the area, which is what we did on our first full day of the trip, with help from Arte Al Sole.

After a tour of historic Certaldo (which you need a funicular to travel to - much fun), we were treated to some drinks and nibbles at sunset at Chiosco Ai Renai (which was just the absolute dreamiest location imaginable) before a paper marbling class with Jennifer Leo (can confirm that paper marbling is highly addictive and the kind of thing I'd easily lose hours trying to create the perfect pattern).

One of my absolute favourite things about Italy is, of course, the food. After cooking us pizza on our first night, we spent our last night at Massimo Ristorante Belvedere, just a short drive away from the villa, making (and then eating) our own pasta. Despite a spectacular fail in the form of leaky eggs all over the floor I did manage to make some vaguely acceptable pasta and have even made it again since I got home (considerably more successfully this time I have to say). The pasta making was actually one of my favourite activities of our whole trip and a skill I'm very pleased to now have!

Much Wine:

Our villa was set within the vineyards of the Mansalto estate, which makes wine and olive oil, both of which we were lucky enough to sample during our stay. Not only were we left with a couple of bottles in our villa to sample, we also took part in a wine tasting as part of a tour of the vineyard and cellar (can confirm that fermenting wine smells much nicer than fermenting beer).

We all left with a new favourite red wine and are just waiting patiently for Mansalto to start selling their wine in England!

Have you ever visited Tuscany?

Amy x

A special thanks to Bookings For You for providing us with the villa for our stay and to Violet for being an super organisation machine.
Tuscany, Italy