Questions To Ask When Having a Clear Out

This post was born from the fact that I have been massively overdue a good clear out for about 5 years. I'm quite a hoarder really and with a whole wardrobe's worth of clothes still at my parents' house as well as far too many to fit into my wardrobe here I really need to get a clear out over and done with! As well as clothes I've got books that I haven't read since school, DVDs and a heap of old papers and photographs. I've put together some questions I'm going to be asking myself when I'm deciding whether to get rid of things or not and thought I'd make them into a post in case anyone else in struggling in the hoarding department!

Have you worn it / used it in the last year? If the answer is no then the chances of you wearing / using it this year or the year after are slim. Sometimes it can be so hard to throw things away that you have to just be brutal!

Do you actually like it? I have so many things that I don't even like anymore that I'm scared of throwing away in case I start liking them again - how silly is that?! This time if the answer is no it's going in the charity bag!

Does it have sentimental value or is special to you? This is the exception to the not liking things rule. I have a jacket that I never wear and doesn't really suit me, but it belonged to my Grandad and I would never get rid of it for that reason. Some things are worth the clutter. 

Does it still fit? Some items of clothing I've not worn for so long that I don't actually know whether they fit anymore so my plan is to try everything on and if things don't actually fit it'll be a lot easier to get rid of them because I know I won't be wearing them again!

Do you already own something similar? This is a difficult one for me because I have about 10 striped tops that I swear are completely different! However if I have similar items, but always turn to one over the other I'm going to be ruthless!

What can I do with it now? Usually the answer to this for me is a charity shop, but some things need to go in the bin (if you still wear things that have holes in like I do, whoops) or if you think some things are worth selling on eBay then set those aside.

Wish me luck! Have you had clearout recently or do you need to have one? What would your tips be?

Amy x