When In Tuscany // LOOKBOOK

This post contains gifted items.
My trip to Italy was courtesy of Bookings For You, who provided us with a beautiful villa for our stay on the Mansalto estate.

Hello you dreamy lot, I'm fresh from a five day trip to Tuscany, Italy where much pasta and wine was consumed, impossible looking craggy hills were conquered and a freezing cold swimming pool was braved for the sake of outfit photos (but more of all that in a future post).

For now I'm bringing you a lookbook of my outfits from the week, shot mostly by the lovely Liv with a bit of input from my gals Ashton and Violet. Most of the images were shot within our beautiful villa and the surrounding estate.

Outfit One // Dress - Vintage

Outfit Two // Dress - Asos (here) / Sandals - Boohoo* (gifted) / Sunglasses - Chinese Laundry

Outfit Three // Trousers - Chinese Laundry / Jacket - H&M (here) / Sandals* (as above)

Outfit Four // Jumpsuit - Matalan* (gifted - here) / Hat - Asos (here) / Sandals - Asos (here

Outfit Five // Dress - a Violet Glenton special / Sandals - Asos (here)

Amy x

Tuscany, Italy

Call Me Monthly // SEPTEMBER

This post contains gifted items.

It's certainly starting to feel like autumn isn't it? I've been rediscovering my warmer jackets and jumpers and wrapping up more. I even bought a woolly hat! (Feel free to congratulate me on being so wonderfully organised).

I've also been making a bit more of an effort with jewellery; I was kindly gifted the above gorgeous ring from Carrie Elizabeth from their moonstone rings collection and it's not left my finger. Rings are definitely my thang.

Liam Gallagher // Be Still

Blondie // Call Me

London Grammar // What A Day

The Stranglers // Golden Brown

Rancid // Fall Back Down

Liam Gallagher // Glimmer

Two Door Cinema Club // What You Know

The Last Shadow Puppets // My Little Red Book

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How I Met Your Mother // I've seen all of these before, but on the hunt for something easy and binge-worthy to watch we decided to do it all over again. I forgot just how funny they are and because I've only really seen them all once I've actually forgotten a lot of what happens.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris // An extremely powerful read, although one I'd have liked to have been a bit chunkier. It's one of those that really really hits you as it's based on true events and I found the sections at the end really interesting where you can read about the process of the book being written. 4/5.

Amy x

Travel Dreams And Absolute Scenes

Press event // I was kindly invited to an evening of cocktails, food and entertainment by eShores.co.uk but all opinions are my own.

Growing up America was never high on my travel wish list. Speaking of, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to have any sort of travel wish list because as soon as I hear someone speak about somewhere new/see photos on Instagram I immediately decide I'd like to go. 

But yes, growing up I was very keen on seeing a lot of Europe and much less enthusiastic about seeing anything else of the world; in fact I'll shamefully admit I many a time uttered the phrase 'I'm not really bothered about America'. It's safe to say I can now eat my words as that's well and truly changed, with not only a lot of America, but also New Zealand and Canada being fairly high on that extremely long list.

It just so happened that a week or so after discussing how dreamy a West Coast America trip would be I was invited to an event hosted by eShores based on their USA multi centre holiday to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas (ello there's a £100 discount for you if you book a holiday with them quoting USA/LeedsEvent you're welcome).

Now, I could tell you all about the tasty food we ate (tofu satay you were amazing) or talk you through the ingredients in our cocktails or I could tell you want really happened at the event (heavily featuring Violet and Ashton sorry gals).

16.40 // Each armed with one heavily overpriced drink from the station shop, we got on the train from Hull. I was that annoying person painting their nails and filling the carriage with fumes, Ashton was that annoying person doing her makeup on the train and Violet...well Violet just filled out a survey for the train guard so that's quite nice of her really isn't it.

18.00 // Arriving at Lambert's Yard we were told to 'drink drink drink' by the lovely Jennie because it was free cocktails for an hour. Violet and I politely obeyed and guzzled enough gin to make us do things such as...

18.30 // ...imagining that our main girl crush Chloe Plumstead had turned up to the event and proceeding to poke a little fun at ourselves by doing fan girl impressions of us meeting her. You don't want to hear them.

19.00 // Heading upstairs for food and realising there was wine served with it a bit of bartering and a scuffle ensued before a gin and wine swap was agreed between myself and Violet (am obviously joking about the scuffle but she is feisty so who knows what could have happened).

20.00 // I held my spoon in my pudding for a very unnatural amount of time so Ashton could take an action shot of me eating it. #forthegram

20.30 // I pretended I was sober enough to actually pay attention to the magician. I believe he made Victoria's engagement ring appear out of a piece of fruit?

21.30 // We decided it would be a good idea to take outfit photos on the station platform, resulting in us almost missing the fact our train had changed platforms.

22.00 // Well fed, bleary eyed and content, we were much sleepier and less annoying on the train ride home.

Amy x

P.S. Quick shoutout to Jennie for always organising such fab and fun events. 

Second shoutout to Elouisa for the photo of Violet and I boomeranging.

Leeds, UK

The Happy List // 4.0

The seaside.

Doing something that scares you.

Making travel plans.


Cooking a meal from scratch.

Days and nights that provide you with endless funny anecdotes.

Cheese with more cheese.

Crisp, fresh mornings.

Eating outside.

Lie ins.

Lovely lazy Sundays.


Being productive.

Not needing to paint your nails for weeks because gel.

Clear outs.

Writing for the sake of writing.

Pizza, always.

The Power Of An Outfit

This post contains a gifted item. ANGELEYE has a beautiful range of wedding guest dresses as well as lots of other gorgeous clothes.

Dress - ANGELEYE (here) *gifted // Shoes - Converse (here) // Bag - Urban Outfitters

A love of clothes and fashion is often seen as superficial, shallow, even a little vain, but it's undeniable that clothes can make you feel good. It's also undeniable that your choice of outfit will make some sort of impression on the people around you, whether you want it to or not.

In my opinion the impression you make doesn't necessarily come from the physical clothes you're wearing; it comes from you and how wearing said clothes makes you feel.

And that's where my own love of clothes and fashion stems from; how wearing certain clothes makes me feel, how an outfit can completely transform both my mood and my confidence, how an appreciation of style can actually enable you to judge people less because aside from the actual outfit you're able to see the confidence it inspires in someone.

With the rise in awareness of the damage that fast fashion has on the environment, I think we're all trying to be a little more mindful of our purchasing habits. I know I could certainly do much better, but a small step I'm making on my way to change is only investing in outfits or garments that have a powerful impact on my mood and confidence.

Realistically, why would I wear a frivolous sale buy that may be 'on trend', but may also be a size too big or something I'm just not 100% comfortable in when I could wear something that I feel my absolute best self in?

From now on I'm only here for outfits that have the power to make me feel confident, comfortable and just darn good.

Amy x

AD // Interior Snapshots: My New Home

This post is in collaboration with LionsHome, but all opinions and photos are my own.

I had planned to start writing interiors posts again almost as soon as I moved into my new house, but time flies and rooms get messy and photos don't get taken and all of a sudden I've been living here for over three months and I'm only just getting round to writing my first one.

So without further ado, welcome to my new home! It's a very small two up two down house, which was actually marketed as a 'cottage' (I'm not sure why because it's actually terraced, but I assume it's just because it's quite cute).

I thought I'd start the interiors posts simple and just give you a few snapshots of the space, how I've styled it and a few new purchases (hello bright yellow sofa) I've made. So feast your eyes on my best attempts to make this small rented house my home...

L I V I N G  R O O M

I may as well call my living room the cats' bedroom because it's incredibly difficult to get a photograph of this room that doesn't include one of their many beds #spoilt.

There are some really interesting features in this room, such as the cute wooden door leading to my stairs and a handy built in shelf running along the top of the fireplace. It was a tricksy one to style because there isn't all that much wall space, which meant the positioning of my sofa (which was on offer from Argos here FYI) was pretty much decided for me, but it works and I love how it looks next to the mirror and big plant by my front door.

My other favourite thing in this room is my desk area, where I created a mini print wall and which is where I do most of my blogging (unless I'm being lazy and using my laptop in bed *ahem*).


I do adore this bedroom; absolutely stuffed to the brim with clothes anywhere I can put them (yes I have a problem), it gets loads of evening light and I have a lovely view of a church out of my window. All in all, very zen.

I started off with every intention of being very hippy cool and just having a mattress on the floor to sleep on; sure, it looked nice and it was alright for a bit, but in the end I decided that I needed a bed because getting up off the floor just ain't as easy as it used to be.

As much as I'd have loved a fancy metal bed frame like one of these from LionsHome, I opted for this one from IKEA, which despite deciding to build it on the hottest day of the year has been a very wise and comfortable investment.

I won't bore you with the bathroom or kitchen because we all know they're fairly bog standard in rented houses and in all honesty I've not done much to them in terms of putting a stamp on them, but there you have some snapshots of my new home (finally).

Amy x
Hull, UK

Call Me Monthly // AUGUST

Oh HELLO it's that time of the month where I bore you all with a round up of my life; hats off to me for actually managing to read a book this month and now that Love Island is over I've filled my evenings with much better quality telly.

Clothes-wise there hasn't really been a theme this month; I've dug out some old favourites and put together some pretty good outfits if I do say so myself.

And that's about it; enjoy folks (or don't, that's up to you really).

Liam Gallagher // Once

Bastille // Another Place

The White Stripes // Fell In Love With A Girl

The Maccabees // Toothpaste Kisses

The Beatles // Golden Slumbers

Liam Gallagher // Chinatown

Lana Del Rey // Doin' Time

Tilly and the Wall // Beat Control

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Line of Duty // After not exactly being blown away by series one we had a bit of a Line of Duty hiatus before starting series two, and already I'm so much more into it than I was the first series. Stick with it guys and gals.

Killing Eve // I finally finished the second series of Killing Eve and obviously bloomin' loved it. I know a lot of people said it wasn't as good as the first series and I have to say I do agree, but Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are just my absolute favourite actresses. 

The Brighton Mermaid by Dorothy Koomson // I really got into this whenever I picked it up, but then seemed to be able to leave big gaps in between actually doing so. I also found the ending a little far fetched and disappointing (but at least I finally got to the end after about two months). 2.5/5

Amy x

Joanie Clothing // LOOKBOOK

This post contains gifted items, but all opinions and dodgy poses are my own.

I'm a long time lover of Joanie Clothing; aside from the fact they've done a collaboration with one of my main girl crushes Sophia Rosemary, their vintage-inspired, fab quality, unique styles have always grabbed my attention. 

So much so that here I am with a blog post dedicated to Joanie, featuring a couple of my favourites from their new in plus an oldie for good measure. Feast your eyes upon their vintage-y goodness (and just try to ignore my questionable poses and facial expressions).

Outfit One // Dress - Joanie (here) *gifted / Sandals - Asos (old) / Sunglasses - Primark

Outfit Two // Pinafore - Joanie (here) *gifted / Top - H&M (old) / Converse - Schuh (here) / Bag - TK Maxx / Sunglasses - Chinese Laundry / Bruise - model's own

Outfit Three // Dress - Joanie (old) *gifted / Shoes - Converse (here)

Amy x
Hull, UK

The Floral Co-ord // Then And Now

 Floral co-ord // Monki // here (aff*)

Let me tell you a (rather uninteresting to most of you I imagine) story about my fashion journey. My mum decided that at the ripe old age of seven I was old enough to choose myself an outfit. I went a bit go bold or go home and opted for a garish floral co-ord. Big bright pink and orange flowers printed on a matching white blouse and skirt combo.

Little did I know that come 2019 I'd be very in fashun and so I find myself in the position where I've essentially replicated my very first outfit over twenty years later.

Seven-year-old or twenty-eight-year-old, you simply cannot go wrong with a floral co-ord.

The new co-ord in question is slightly less garish with more muted colours and smaller flowers, but makes me feel every inch as sassy as I felt in the first one (which, as a seven-year-old girl very much into the Spice Girls was off the richter scale levels of sassy).

It's nice to take outfit photos and put them on my blog circa 2014 style and this post is nothing deeper than a little girl and a grown woman feeling sassy as hell.

Amy x

AD // Where To Visit With Your York Pass

I was gifted two York passes by Visit York for the creation of this post, but all opinions and scary photos are my own.

A couple of weeks ago myself and CallMeAmy'sOH popped along to York for the day; only an hour's drive from where we live in Hull and with a beautifully historic city centre it's a bloomin' lovely place for a day out.

We went armed with our York passes, intent on squeezing as much out of our time there as possible. The weather and our own poor timekeeping/preference for not rushing around like loonies meant we didn't achieve as much as we'd planned, but we still had a lovely day so here I am putting together a (v achievable) itinerary for a day out in York with a York pass.

Yep, I'm sure you could start earlier/cram if you like, but there's having a nice day being touristy then there's having a very tiring day dragging yourself round everywhere trying to do everything and not actually enjoying it. Trust me, you'll get your money's worth with your York pass anyway. 

11am // York Minster 

Pretty much the most famous landmark in York, the Minster is pretty spectacular. I do love me a good old church and it certainly doesn't disappoint. The standard pass gains you entry into the church, with the VIP pass also gaining you access to the tower. Very tired legs for the rest of the week, you have been warned. 

12pm // York's Chocolate Story

I have a confession here; we had planned to visit York's Chocolate Story, but we may have become a little sidetracked by the shops and each bought a pair of shoes instead (it would appear it's impossible for two clothes obsessed idiots to have a day out without buying something). However this was definitely on our list and involves free chocolate so what's not to like? 

1pm // The York Dungeon

By far our favourite attraction of the day, The York Dungeon is a must visit if you're in York. I jumped so badly I threw my umbrella at one of the actors and you're constantly that level of scared that also just makes you lol a lot. It's still one of my life goals to work there someday (hi boss of York Dungeon, if you're reading this give me a job please, thank you.)

3pm // ASK Italian

A perk I didn't expect to see on the list was a free meal (excluding drinks and limited to certain dishes) at ASK Italian. The restaurant it's valid for is in a ridiculously beautiful building and even if it wasn't, who's going to pass on free food?

As I said, I'm sure you could fit more in if you're more hardcore than us, so some other fab things to do on the list (that I've done previously so can recommend) are Clifford's Tower, JORVIK Viking Centre, York Castle Museum; we were also hoping to do a York City Cruise, but unfortunately it was absolutely chucking it down on the day we visited! 

Have you ever visited York?

Amy x

York, UK

AD // A Big Juicy Guide To Hull

This post is sponsored by the University of Hull, which FYI has excellent outfit photo backdrops.

I often write about places I've visited for the day or been on holiday to, but when the University of Hull asked me to write about my city, it made me realise how ridiculous it is that I've not written about the place I know best; Hull, and about all the wonderful things right here on my doorstep.

Instead of telling you the reasons why I love Hull (my gal Ashton did this well enough with her viral thread you can find here) I'm going to do a big juicy round up of all the things you can expect to enjoy if you ever come here to visit, study (FYI, clearing at the University of Hull is open to apply for now and if you carry on reading you'll discover why Hull is an excellent place to choose) or even if you already live here!

W H A T  T O  D O

There's really quite a lot to do in Hull, but I'll attempt to keep it short and sweet while at the same time trying to not miss anything out...

S H O P S // Hull seems to have upped its shopping game in the past couple of years, meaning you don't necessarily have to trek to Leeds or Meadowhall and can easily find heaps of goodies on home soil. The city centre has a fair few chains, plus some lovely independents like Beasley's and Chinese Laundry. Venture onto Humber Street and you'll find the beaut Tessie's and 19point4. Further afield Newland Avenue is the absolute bees knees for charity shops.

M U S E U M S // Hull has heaps of free museums, mostly located in Hull's Old Town, which is lovely for a wander too (oh and if you are wandering round there see if you can spot my face on the side of a building mega lols). The Streetlife Museum is my favourite and the Ferens Art Gallery is free and worth a visit too. The Deep isn't free, but is a fab day out for kids (big kids included) and once you've bought a ticket that gets you in for the rest of the year.

F E S T I V A L S // Hull has two main festivals; Humber Street Sesh the first weekend of August and Freedom Festival the first weekend of September. Humber Street Sesh is jam packed full of local bands in venues around (you guessed it you clever thing) Humber Street, whereas Freedom Festival is a mixture of music, theatre and dance across the city.

P A R K S // Hull has a fair few green spaces; but East Park is my favourite. It's enormous and a bloody lovely day out, complete with a little farm, a big lake and a cafe.

Photos: Violet Glenton

W H E R E  T O  E A T

Onto the important stuff. Considering places to include as recommendations in this post made me realise just how good the culinary (yes using a big posh word thank you) offerings in Hull are. I'm going to split this section into categories based on location, mainly so I don't have to describe where each one is separately, which would only waste precious words that could be used to describe food instead.

C I T Y  C E N T R E

Head of Steam // Cosy vibes, live music and an excellent veggie and vegan selection. Drooling now.

The Brain Jar // Hipster central, mouth-watering pizza and rather excellent cocktails.

Furley & Co // Craft beer central, but also very nice halloumi burger central.

Trinity Market // A covered market with heaps of food options so you can all have something different and still sit together (personal faves are The Greek and Falafia).

Marla's // The absolute cutest sandwich shop with v friendly staff. You will leave extremely full.

T H E  A V E N U E S

Zoo Cafe // A veggie/vegan cafe that makes the best avocado on toast I've ever eaten.

Barista // Bold claim, but probably my favourite place to eat breakfast. Much choice.

Level // Just bloody excellent food from somewhere you'd maybe think of as average at first glance.

Roots // Not the best for veggie options, but if you're a meat lover and like your food with a side of strong cocktails then this is your jam.

Thai House // The best Thai in Hull. I'd really quite like to go right now.

W E S T  H U L L

Urban 44 // Another v nice place for breakfast in cute ol' Hessle.

26 Wilson Street // Endless breakfast options and quite conveniently within walking distance of my house.

The Beech Tree // A pub but a nice one with pub grub but nice pub grub.

The Greek // Just give me all the halloumi and meze and I'll be happy forever.

Cascara // V cool place for if you're drinking with your food (gin as big as my head).

W H E R E  T O  D R I N K

As well as food, Hull isn't short on places to drink and the good news is it's CHEAP. We might complain about slightly higher prices in some of the more up and coming areas, but anyone from outside the city manages to remind us that actually it is still a pretty cheap night out.

H U M B E R  S T R E E T  //  Definitely my favourite place to drink, Humber Street is a supa cute fairy lit (going with that as a phrase) street by the marina. Bars range from hipster filled Thieving Harry's, which I love at any time of day to the fancy Humber Street Distillery Co, a gin bar that (drumroll pls) has coffee gin.

T H E  A V E N U E S  //  Within walking distance of all the student areas, The Avenues has heaps of choice; The Adelphi or Polar Bear for live music, 80 Days Bier Haus if you're into (you guessed it) beer, Larkin's Bar for a lovely beer garden and Pave for your standard know-what-you're-getting busy bar.

S P I D E R S  N I G H T C L U B  //  I had to sneak Spiders in here because if you're going to go to a club it should be this one. Ridiculously cheap drinks, a choice between heavy metal, motown or nostalgic indie and a cheesy chip van outside. What more could you ever want?

And there you have it, my big juicy guide to Hull. Have you ever visited Hull? Would you consider studying here?

Amy x
Hull, UK

Call Me Monthly // JULY

Yet another month where I've failed at getting lots of daily outfit photos, but generally I've been into everything and anything floaty; midi dresses, skirts and light jumpsuits galore.

I've gone for a mixture of girl power vibes and chilled out covers this month. Dreamy.

Lily Allen // Lost My Mind

Passion Pit // Carried Away

Charlotte // Somebody To Hold

Daniela Andrade // Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Dounia // How I See It

Bruno Mars // The Lazy Song

Lia Rose // Take On Me

Henry Green // Electric Feel

RIVVRS // More Than A Fool

Johnny Flynn // The Wrote & The Writ

Smash Mouth // Walkin' On The Sun

Natalia Lafourcade // Slowly

AURORA // Half The World Away

Listen on Spotify 

Stranger Things // No I don't mean I'm super excited about Stranger Things 3, I mean I've literally only just started watching it from the very beginning (can someone please explain to me why I'm always so late to the party?). Anyway, v much enjoying it so far.

The Wrong Mans // This is a kinda background easy watching thing for me; I can't say I'm paying too much attention to it, but I am enjoying it and it's good for a giggle.

And erm, it would appear I've not managed to actually finish a book in the past month. I blame Love Island.

Amy x