My Favourite Colour Is Green // LOOKBOOK

If you're reading this then it's quite likely you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't then pretty please do, unless you're not into fashun, coffee or cats in which case I'm not quite sure what you're doing here in the first place) and if you made it past that long winded bracket talk and you do follow me on Instagram then you'll know I'm partial to a bit of greenery, which was the point in my head when I began writing this sentence.

I don't know whether green is my favourite colour because I love plants and greenery, or if I love plants and greenery because green is my favourite colour. It's the big questions in life that really stump you isn't it?

So anyway, just in case you hadn't guessed from either the title of this post or my mindless ramblings thus far, green is my favourite colour. This brings me to the fact that I realised I have a lot of green clothes and I wanted to make a lookbook out of them and that's about it really there you go ENJOY.

Photos: Violet Glenton

Outfit One: Dress - New Look (here) // Blazer - Bershka (old) // Shoes - Converse (here)

Outfit Two: Top - Topshop (here *aff) // Trousers - Primark (old) // Shoes - ASOS (old) // Jacket - property of Violet Glenton

Outfit Three: Top - New Look (here) // Trousers - New Look (old) // Sandals - ASOS (old)

Amy x
Hull, UK

The Happy List // 3.0

That fresh morning feeling when you've had your windows open all night.

Floaty dresses.


Having a good outfit week.

Falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Lazy Sundays.

Sitting down after a big tidy.

Eating outside.

Sunny summer evenings.

Unexpected council tax refunds (and consequent ASOS orders).

Freshly painted nails.

Beer gardens.

Eau de barbecue.

Floral prints.

Sparkling water.

Feeling proud to have so many beautiful people in your life.

A rare day of absolutely no obligations.

All the patterns.

Arriving home after a long journey.

Pizza, always.

AD // London Bridge Calling

This post is a collaboration. Spending money was gifted to me by, but all views are my own.

London Bridge and the surrounding area is one of my favourite places in London; for me it's the area that really screams YOU'RE IN LONDON. It's a place I've visited a lot, and somewhere I'll always go back to because I adore the atmosphere and there are always new gems to discover there. So when in London at the weekend I headed back there to have a good ol' explore...

There are plenty of hotels near London Bridge and I personally think it's a really good location to use as a base as it's so easy to get to and travel around London from. It's away from the real hustle and bustle a little, with a stroll down Southbank giving you a little calm away from the city, yet there are still heaps of attractions, bars and (most importantly) restaurants to choose from.


The Shard // I've actually never been up The Shard before and I realise that makes me very late to the party, but I've been treated to countless views of London from it on my Instagram feed so that's almost the same right?! Just a stone's throw away from London Bridge station it's a definite highlight of the area.

The London Dungeons // While studying Drama at uni, I applied over and over for a job at the London Dungeons because I just really wanted to put on creepy makeup and run after innocent scared people to earn some extra dollar. Unfortunately I never made the cut (my face is too oh so sweet and innocent, obviously), but the next best thing to scaring people is being scared yourself so the dungeons are well worth a visit.

Tower Bridge // The bridge that is often mistaken as being London Bridge is actually Tower Bridge and I think it's my favourite bridge in London so there's a bold claim for you. Excellent Instagram opportunities to be had (plus because it's summer there are various pop-up bars set up along the river, pimms plus views yes please).

Southbank // Wandering down Southbank is one of my absolute favourite things to do in London. You get amazing views of the city, lots of choice of restaurants and bars along the way and it's just such a leisurely way of exploring the area.


The Breakfast Club // My old faithful. I've been to The Breakfast Club a lot of times in various locations across London, but I think the London Bridge branch is my favourite. The food is delicious at all of them (highly recommend the pancakes), but the London Bridge one is nice and spacious plus the decor is amazing. Be prepared to queue if you go at peak times, but the queue usually moves fairly quickly. 

London Grind // London Grind also has chains across London and I've heard lots of good things about the food and the coffee, but last weekend was the first time I've visited one myself. We just went for drinks and it was the perfect place for a few chilled out cocktails; after a day in the hot sunshine the atmosphere was v welcome.

Borough Market // Perfect for street food, the dreamiest of sweet treats and a general nosey around the stalls if you're a bit of a foodie (let's face it, who isn't really?!).

What's your favourite area of London?

Amy x
London, UK