A Big Beefy Recommendations Post // Books, Netflix, Tunes

Despite abandoning my monthly roundups of what I've been reading, watching and the like I thought a bigger and (hopefully) better post along similar lines would be pretty damn helpful in this unexpected age of staying in and, well, reading and watching things.

Before I get down to it I just want to say, I hope you're OK. If you're feeling a little lost and need someone to talk to please don't hesitate to email me or message me over social media. We're all in this together and all that jazz.

Okay, now I'll get down to it. The following are the very best books I've read, the very best telly I've watched and some feel good Spotify playlists thrown in for good measure (we all need a dance around our living rooms at the moment don't we?) I'll try and keep it shortish, although if I run away with myself we've probably got enough time for all of them anyway haven't we?

B O O K S 

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult // This is possibly the best book I've ever read (although I could maybe say that about all of the books on the following list). It's loosely based on real events (and I bloody love a story based on real events). It's the story of a delivery nurse accused of murder after a baby boy dies on her watch, complicated by the fact that the parents had requested for her to have no contact with him because she's black. As well as having a completely gripping storyline, this book taught me a lot about unintentional everyday racism and stereotyping and made me realise how incredibly privileged I am in ways I didn't even know. Just read it OK?

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson // This is a very difficult one to describe, but in short it's a book about the infinite number of possibilities in life, how one small decision could change the whole course of it and how easily it could accidently slip away. The main character keeps dying, only for the story to resume with a different outcome resulting in her living instead. If you like a book that makes you question everything then this is one for you.

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven // This is a young adult book, but one that anyone can get into (plus I'm a bit of a sucker for young adult fiction anyway). It's about the unlikely friendship between a teenage boy and girl who meet when they both find themselves at the top of the school bell tower ready to jump and the storyline explores some really important issues surrounding mental health and grief. The ending left me feeling rather emotionally drained, so make sure you're prepared for something heavy.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris // Most people have probably already read this, but if you haven't then you should. Again, it's based on real events at Auschwitz and it's absolutely heart-breaking. Lale Sokolov had the job of tattooing the numbers on the prisoners entering the camp and the book covers his time at Auschwitz plus a little after. I love a book that almost sobers me up and makes me realise how lucky I am (or at least think about it a bit more.)

The Man I Think I Know by Mike Gayle // This is about two old school friends who end up re-meeting when one becomes the carer for the other, who's been in a bad accident. It's a really lovely story about friendship, needing people and letting others in. It made me really happy to read, so if you're looking for something a little more light-hearted at the moment then I'd definitely recommend this.


After Life (Netflix) // This was hands down the best thing I watched last year, possibly even ever if that's not too bold a claim to make. Written by and starring Ricky Gervais, it follows his character dealing with life after the death of his wife. Obviously a pretty heavy topic, but it's dealt with in a light-hearted, humorous yet respectful way. Had me creased with laughter one moment then bawling my eyes out the next.

Black Mirror (Netflix) // I know it currently feels like we're living in an episode of Black Mirror, but we've been working our way through them whenever we're in the mood for something a bit mind boggling (they certainly act as a distraction anyway). As each episode has a completely different story line and cast there are excellent episodes and simply 'meh' episodes, but they're all interesting and certainly worth a watch.

Killing Eve (BBC iPlayer) // If the second series had been as good as the first then this would top After Life for me, but Killing Eve is still very high on my favourite TV series list. It follows an assassin (played by Jodie Comer my ultimate girl crush) and the spy who is searching for her and the interesting relationship they develop along the way. A must must must see (worthy of those three musts).

Friday Night Dinner (All 4, Netflix) // The ultimate in light relief, this is pretty much the only thing we're watching at the moment. Each episode is one Friday night at a Jewish family's home as they come together for dinner and it's always ridiculously over the top disastrous and therefore hilarious.

How I Met Your Mother (Netflix) // Another good one for light relief, we finally finished re-watching the whole nine series a couple of weeks ago. Easy watching, funny and totally binge-worthy.

The End of the F***ing World (Netflix) // Part light relief, part heavy, but the aesthetic of this programme is what I love the most. It's British, but has a very retro American vibe to it. It follows a teenage boy and girl who go on the run together and end up murdering someone (as you do). Also the episodes are only 20 minutes long so it's a good one for a little break if you're working from home (I imagine anyway).

Sex Education (Netflix) // The main reason I love Sex Education is because it has the same retro American vibes as The End of the F***ing World. This is one that I'm sure everyone has already seen, but if you haven't you should because it's just really good okay?

M U S I C 

Classic Acoustic (Spotify) // Chilled out golden oldies feat. the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel and The Beatles. I listened to it while writing this post with the sun streaming through the windows and those are the social distancing vibes I like.

Peaceful Piano (Spotify) // If, like most people I assume, you're feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed at the moment this is the perfect calming playlist. In my head I do yoga to it, but that's not actually happened yet.

Bougie Queen Chill (Spotify - Chloda) // The perfect mix of chill out and sassy vibes, I imagine this would be a good one for some work-at-home motivation.

And I suppose that may be the longest post I've ever written, but I hope you've found some recommendations among all that. Please drop me some of your own in the comments if you have any others!

Amy x

AD // An Ode To In-Between-Seasons Style

Some of the items in this post are gifted, however all views are my own. The Frankie x Oasis collection is available now, for free delivery use the code AMYDEL

Skirt* - Oasis (here) // Cardigan* - Oasis (here) // Boots* - Oasis (here)

"Despite the forecast, live like it's spring"

Four times a year we hit an odd time in between seasons where the British weather could do absolutely anything (although whether that makes a change from normal I'm not sure) and you need to be prepared with a winter coat, sunglasses and an umbrella at all times. Outfit-wise, it can be a confusing time; it's just a bit too hot for a big winter coat, but definitely too cold for a light jacket. The dilemmas we face eh?

Despite the oh-me-oh-my-what-shall-I-wear confusion, I must confess I love in between seasons style.


Firstly, layers. I love layering up because it gives me the opportunity to wear more of my clothes (yes I really am that easily pleased), experiment with putting them together and then I can remove and add layers throughout the day depending on whatever the weather decides to do. I find that layering at this time of year helps me discover new ways of putting pieces together I wouldn't have thought to before, as well as reintroducing some of my spring/summer clothes into my wardrobe while remaining snug as a bug.

Secondly, mixing and clashing styles. I love a bit of juxtaposition in an outfit (seems like far too fancy a word to describe an outfit but I'm going with it). A chunky knit with a midi skirt is one of my absolute go-to outfits at this time of year and gimme a dress with boots any day. I love pairing things together that shouldn't necessarily work, but really really do. It's the little things eh?

Essentially, I feel like these pockets of in-between-seasons help me experiment with my style and fall in love with clothes I may have become bored of or forgotten about. It makes me feel vaguely Pinterest-worthy and it makes me feel cosy and comfortable yet still stylish and I can't really complain about that can I?

Are you an in-between-seasons style lover or hater?

Amy x

Confession // I'm Looking Forward To My Thirties


Yes you read the title right; I'm writing this as a twenty-nine and three month old woman who, unusually, is looking forward to the 'big' 3-0.

We live in a society where getting older is seen as something to be terrified of; our WhatsApp groups are full of friends lamenting 'how did we all get so old?', treatments and surgeries to attempt to stop our faces and bodies in their tracks are becoming the norm and the pressure to have achieved a million milestones by a certain age is intense.

I have less than a year left of my twenties, a decade which is seen as the one in which you 'find yourself', have endless amounts of fun and one to which you will always want to return. But you know what, I'm actually looking forward to waving my twenties goodbye and embracing a fresh decade.

I'm not sure about the whole 'finding myself' thing in the first place; in fact I don't really like the idea of having a set idea of myself for the rest of my life. I'm a big believer that we're always developing and growing as people, but if there were a decade in which I 'find myself' I assume it'll be my thirties rather than my twenties because my sense of self only improves as I get older.

Sure, my twenties have been fun; I've created new friendships as well as strengthening old ones, I've travelled to new places, I've danced until the wee hours, but the idea of my thirties seems more appealing because I feel like they'll matter more.

My thirties will be the decade in which I envision myself being truly settled and content.

My thirties will be the decade in which I'll have children, one way or the other.

My thirties will be the decade in which my friendships will be the strongest because they've stood the test of time (and distance).

My thirties will be the decade I see myself moving somewhere new, furthering my career and beginning a proper side hustle.

My thirties will be the decade in which I hope to finally start loving myself.

And going by that my thirties will be the decade in which I'm my happiest self so why would I not look forward to that?

Amy x

Eating Our Way Around Copenhagen

If you didn't already know from my last post or from the fact I've been incessantly talking about it over on my Instagram, I recently went to Copenhagen. One of the many things I loved about it, but haven't really touched on yet, was the food.

Let's be honest, on holiday the food is one of the most important things, but I hadn't actually done much research prior to visiting Copenhagen on where or what would be good to eat. Turns out I didn't need to though because absolutely everywhere was consistently good, whether we'd looked somewhere up, had it recommended or simply popped in because it was the nearest place to go amidst a hangry episode.

So in case you are looking for recommendations, I thought I'd do a little round up of where and what we ate. (Side note: I'm vegetarian, my boyfriend isn't so these are all places that cater to both. I'm sure there are probably places with more vegetarian/vegan options available, but I did find that there were only a few options on the menu for me in the places we did eat.) Also apologies for the lack of photos, actually eating is always my priority over getting an Instagrammable shot.

RAVNSBORG KITCHEN & BAR // This restaurant was chosen on our first night purely for the fact that it was close to our hotel and it looked nice inside (have a look at their website and you'll see what I mean). It was one of those modern yet rustic places lit mainly with candles and small lamps. I had a margherita pizza (standard) and it was bloody delicious. I was gutted I couldn't finish it and I remain gutted to this day that I didn't ask for a doggy bag.

GORM'S PIZZA (TORVEHALLERNE MARKET) // Also close to our hotel was Torvehallerne Market, which was full of different street food stalls. Despite having had pizza the night before, we ate at Gorm Pizza, which is a chain (we ate it again in the airport before our flight home). The pizzas are made fresh before your eyes which meant they tasted amazing. I went for the Denny Special, which had potatoes and rosemary on it, which sounds odd for a pizza but just worked. Learning from my past mistakes I did get a doggy bag and proceeded to guzzle the rest in the evening after a few glasses of vino. 

LA ROCCA // We weren't intending to eat in the hotel, but finding ourselves really rather hungry at a time we were there we decided to try the Italian, La Rocca. The following statement is not an exaggeration; we ate the most delicious ravioli in the world. We both had the spinach and ricotta ravioli in tomato, lemon and pesto sauce and I could honestly happily eat just that for the rest of my life. Oh and the menus were digital so that was fun too.

KITCHENETTE // We chose this place because we wanted somewhere close to a gig venue and after first choosing somewhere that was closed, then going somewhere that didn't serve food we found Kitchenette. It had the same kind of vibes as Ravnsborg, but was much busier and had lampshades so low a certain someone managed to knock a light out with his head. I had a veggie burger that was like no other veggie burger I'd had before because it was made from fresh root vegetables and it was bloody LOVELY. 

CARLTON // This was the most random find because we weren't actually planning on eating but both suddenly got horrendously hangry and stumbled into the first place we came across. We both ordered nachos and along came the biggest portion of nachos I've ever seen; put it this way, when I'd finished it looked like I'd hardly started. They had everything on them and the cheese was deliciously even throughout; none of this pathetic sprinkle of cheese on the top malarky.

That's everywhere we ate and I can't really fault anything about any of them (apart from being expensive, which food just is in Copenhagen), which is pretty good going for a random not-really-thought-out selection of places isn't it?

Amy x
Copenhagen, Denmark

AD // Hotel Kong Arthur, Copenhagen

*We were kindly provided with a two night stay at Hotel Kong Arthur in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own.

Copenhagen had been high on my to-visit list for a long time for no particular reason other than I really thought I'd like it. And I was right; I absolutely loved it. More on that at a later date though because in this post I'm starting with the aspect of our trip that gave me my first good impression of the city - the hotel.

Hotel Kong Arthur is a four star eco-friendly boutique hotel located down a cobbled street alongside the city's picturesque lakes. But I'm not here to tell you what you can read on the website, I'm here to tell you some of the things that set Hotel Kong Arthur aside from other hotels; the little touches that really made our stay special:

COSY HOUR // I had to put this first because we arrived at the hotel just in time for cosy hour on our first night (and caught it every night after that too). Between 5-6pm all the guests are welcome to gather in the (I've got to say it) cosy lobby for a free drink. The atmosphere is one of contentment and if you accidentally discover the board games cupboard like we did then you're onto a winner (unless, like me, you lose at chess every single time).

A SENSE OF HUMOUR // A lot of hotels are quite impersonal aren't they? Hotel Kong Arthur provided small gestures that made us smile every day; the 'do not disturb' sign in our room with a hilariously honest tick list, the card left under the bed letting us know the cleaners had checked for monsters and the 'ring for a hug' bell at breakfast (we did indeed both receive a hug from the waitress on our first morning).

ECO-FRIENDLY // I found Copenhagen in general to be a very eco-conscious city and the hotel prided itself on being so too. The absolutely delicious breakfast was all locally sourced organic produce; they served apple juice instead of orange juice so it didn't have to be imported. There are also electric cars available outside that you can use to travel in (even to and from the airport) so you can be more environmentally friendly than hopping in a taxi.

LOCATION // We honestly couldn't have asked for a better location, both in terms of getting around and it being beautifully scenic. We were within walking distance of everywhere we wanted to visit (this obviously depends on how far you're willing to walk) and on our last day we enjoyed a peaceful saunter along the lakes in the sunshine.

DECOR // Generally on holiday I'm happy to simply have somewhere clean to rest my head, but this trip showed me how a good hotel can really make a difference. Funnily enough, when it's a nice place to spend time in you spend more time in it, which meant we would happily potter back to rest our legs during the day as well as spend time there in the evenings rather than feel like we had to go somewhere further afield that may be nicer. The decor was pretty much exactly how I like my decor - modern but with hints of the old and plenty of character.

DINING // I've already mentioned the breakfast, but I'll mention it again because it was absolutely delicious and to say it was all locally sourced there was a huge variety. The breakfast room was also the most calming room in which to start your day; big windows letting in lots of light and creating beautiful shadows, cushioned window seats and plenty of room to breathe (or to push out your seat in a full of food haze). The hotel also has three restaurants attached to it; an Italian (La Rocca), Spanish (Pintxos) and Japanese (Sticks 'n' Sushi). We tried the Italian and ate the most delicious ravioli of our lives, both immediately declaring we could eat it all over again then within five minutes struggling to climb the stairs we were so full...

HYGGE // I'm sure everyone has heard of this Danish concept by now since it became really popular a few years back. I never really fully understood it, but I certainly felt it staying at Hotel Kong Arthur; relaxed, content and totally at ease.

Thank you very much to Hotel Kong Arthur for hosting us!

Amy X

On Living A Simpler Life

I was born an over thinker; I assume I entered this world worrying about whether I'd come too soon or too late (my mum would say too late based on how much of a heifer I was) and to this day I overthink absolutely everything from what I should eat for lunch to whether some huge life decision I've made is right or not.

My overthinking tendencies lead to my love of a good list; categorised to-do lists that may as well be called to-do trees by the time I'm done with them, the 'self-improvement' plans that list all the things I feel I should be doing to make myself a better, healthier and prettier person along with all the other self-imposed structure I apply to my life. And it turns out my overthinking tendencies are leading to my head becoming rather overcrowded.

Despite not really enjoying the idea of resolutions as such, I entered this year with a fresh perspective and a stripped back attitude to a lot of things, including how I approach my life in general. Whereas my overactive brain would usually be able to describe what I want from life using a vast amount of bullet points, in short I want to live simpler.

So what have I done to try to achieve a simpler life? Made a list of rules to abide by, obviously. 

DOES/WILL THIS MAKE ME HAPPY? // Sounds easy doesn't it, but asking myself whether something will make me happy before I do it or agree to it is something I want to start doing a lot more. I'm guilty of agreeing to things for the sake of other people, and while that's obviously something I'll keep doing because I'm not the most selfish person in the world (hopefully), I'd like to take my own happiness into consideration too. As always it's about balance isn't it?

FOCUSING ON THE BASICS // I've spent so long making complicated lists filled with all sorts of different things I think I should be doing, which means the simplest of things often get lost. Simple pleasures like walking round the block for a bit of fresh air and to just breathe, making the time to exercise which does wonders for my mind or sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning rather than haphazardly sipping at it in between doing everything else. More of that.

WRITE IT DOWN // And no, I don't mean in a to-do tree complicated kind of way. For Christmas my mum bought me the Michelle Obama Becoming journal and after spending five minutes every few days word vomiting into it with a pen my head felt a little lighter. I've also taken to splurging random thoughts into a notebook if I feel like I need to, even if they don't make any sense whatsoever. There's a reason I started writing a blog and that's because writing clears my head.

BE KIND // I like to think of myself as generally quite a kind person already, but I wanted to include this one because I think kindness is the most important, yet underrated quality someone can have. Kindness goes a long way and I'm going to try to keep it at the forefront of everything I do.

Is Social Media Putting Us At Risk Of Losing Touch With Our Friends?

You've seen all their holiday photos on Facebook, you've been reading their tweets about whichever TV show they're currently watching and you've seen what they've been wearing day to day on Instagram, so you know exactly what all your friends are up to right?

Call me a bad friend (not quite as catchy as Call me Amy), but it's so easy to get busy, like a few photos on Instagram, reply to a couple of tweets, to all of a sudden realise two months has passed since you actually checked in with someone.

Social media lures us into a false notion that we know what everyone's been doing anyway because we've seen it all. They've posted it all online. Right?


Nobody's naive enough to think that social media is anything but a highlights reel; I can have had the most awful day yet still have posted a happy smiling photo on Instagram because I have a blog post to promote. And just because someone's posting photos of a holiday that looks nice doesn't mean they're happy does it?

I know from experience that it's not actually all that easy to reach out to friends when you're struggling and sometimes the things you're struggling with aren't easy to admit unless you're directly asked about them.

Despite not setting any resolutions or goals for myself this year, there is one thing I'm definitely going to be doing more of. I'm talking about real interaction with my friends.

Everyone knows that juggling life is difficult; work, hobbies, family, relationships so I'm not certainly not expecting to be achieving anything major; all I want to achieve is more. More time spent messaging someone to check in rather than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and more time spent organising catch ups in advance so they don't end up being abandoned when nobody is free.

Social media is great and all that, but let's get off it every now and then and go back to basics with the people we love. Amiright?

Amy x

SELF-CONFIDENCE // Hacks I Learnt Last Year

I've written a fair few posts on self-confidence in the past from the point of view of someone who's still very much on their journey to actually being self-confident. Last year my confidence took a fair beating, but along with that came some newfound lessons on rebuilding and maintaining it. I still wouldn't necessarily describe myself as confident, but I'm certainly more sure of myself than I have been in the past so I thought I'd share some of the lessons I've learnt.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE // Sometimes it can actually be quite difficult to work out which people make you feel good about yourself and build you up versus who doesn't and 'good people' can be subjective. For me, last year I found myself some genuinely lovely, non-judgmental positive people to surround myself with and it's been so refreshing. Finding people who build me up and who genuinely like me for me has done me the world of good.

DON'T RELY ON ONLINE VALIDATION // I won't lie, seeing the likes shoot up on one of my Instagram photos makes me feel pretty good and there's nothing wrong with that as long as I can stay chirpy when one doesn't do so well too. Sure, it's nice that people on the internet might like what I'm wearing, but it's not the be all and and all and it's definitely not something we should be relying on to make ourselves feel good. At the end of the day I only take Instagram photos of outfits I really like so if I feel good in it the fact it hasn't hit 100 likes on Instagram shouldn't phase me.

TRUST YOUR OWN INSTINCTS // I'm the first person to ask for others' opinions when I have a decision to make or when I've had an idea. While it's obviously great to get advice and guidance, sometimes you have to fight against other people's opinions if your gut instinct is telling you they're wrong. Believe in yourself and when it pays off your confidence will soar.

FIND YOUR LITTLE BOOSTS // There are some very small unimportant-seeming things that can give your self-confidence a quick boost. Everyone's will be different; for me it's wearing a good outfit, having a quick gym session or painting my nails, among other things.

How do you improve your self-confidence?

Amy x

Winter Wardrobe // LOOKBOOK

This post contains some affiliate links, which are clearly marked.

I'm normally very much a dresses, tights and boots gal throughout winter, but this season my style preferences seem to have changed a little. I'm all about jeans, jumpers and casual jackets and I'm very much enjoying getting dressed at the moment (which is handy I suppose seeing as it's something I have to do every day).

It's nice to have a new sense of how I want to dress rather than always turning to old favourites and styling them the same way; while I've still been turning to old favourites I've been experimenting a little more with them. Results of said experiment are below if you're at all interested in some of my fave go to outfits at the moment...

Outfit One: Coat - Topshop (here *aff) // Jeans - Topshop (here *aff) // Boots - Dr Marten (here)

Outfit Two: Jacket - Chinese Laundry // Sweatshirt - New Look // Jeans - Topshop (here *aff) // Trainers - Adidas (here)

Outfit Three: Coat - Primark // Jeans - Topshop (here *aff) // Trainers - Adidas // Hoody - Monki

Outfit Four: Coat - Dickies (here) // Jumper - New Look // Jeans - Topshop (here *aff) // Trainers - New Look

Amy x

Hull, UK

Can I Be A Sustainable Fashion Blogger?

Oh hello and yes, I'm sorry, this is another post about sustainability in the space of a month. I promise I'm not going to go all preachy on you, but it's a topic that I suppose I've been thinking about a fair bit recently.

Sitting down at the beginning of the year to have a big blog planning sesh got me pondering on how being a fashion blogger really does clash with being sustainable. So rather than burying my head in the ASOS app and hoping my guilt would somehow disappear, I decided to tackle the issue in a blog post instead and question whether it's at all possible to be a sustainable fashion blogger, however much of a paradox it may sound.

Obviously I'm aware that there are plenty of sustainable fashion bloggers out there who are far more equipped to talk about the topic than me, but the whole point of this post is that I'm coming at it from the point of view of someone who enjoys a little jaunt into Primark, doesn't really pay attention to where or how her clothes are made and can't hold back in the Topshop sale.

In other words, I'm a complete amateur.

When I started blogging about style (I do prefer that term over fashion because I have no idea whether I'm actually fashionable at all, but I do enjoy getting dressed so there ya go) there was a lot of pressure to be seen in the latest trends, never to post the same outfit twice (both of which I didn't actually adhere to) and to generally buy a lot of new clothes (definitely did adhere to this one to be fair). Nowadays I feel like that pressure has been relieved, which is obviously excellent and it's changed the direction and purpose of fashion blogging as a whole.

Which leaves a lot of us wondering, what do we do now?

Over the past year I've already made a lot of changes in how I shop without even really thinking about it all that much. I've only bought things I really love (yes I do realise how ridiculous that sounds) , I've shopped locally more often than not, I've given up 'hauls' completely and despite never thinking I would, I've started investing in less, better quality items over lots of fast fashion.

The change in attitudes towards fashion blogging has certainly made being more sustainable easier; people don't mind if you post the same outfit multiple times, in fact it's applauded. The insatiable desire to own the latest 'in' thing that every blogger and their dog is wearing seems to have massively died down too.

While the above is all extremely positive, it does mean that as fashion bloggers (and therefore, presumably, fashion lovers in general), we have to question where we stand; how can we remain true to ourselves and our passion while not ignoring the responsibility we have to make some sustainable changes now we know the impact fast fashion can have?

At the end of the day, we're not all going to become sustainable goddesses overnight and as is the case most of the time, it's the gradual changes that stick. So for now I'm happy that I have at least been taking some positive steps towards becoming more sustainable fashion-wise and I'll still be blogging about my personal style; just maybe expect to see a little more outfit repeating and second hand purchases than before.

So can I be a sustainable fashion blogger? Watch this space...

My Love Hate Relationship With Setting Goals

So it's a brand spanking new year; a time we often associate with a fresh start, reflections on the past year and making resolutions for the year ahead.

I must admit I do enjoy the feeling that comes with a new year; I'm sat writing this in bed on new year's day with a load of washing on, a freshly tidied bedroom and all the best intentions of  completing the ginormous to do list sitting next to me. And I feel very content right now.

Somehow the first few hours of 2020 have cleared some cobwebs from my head and it feels good.

One thing I haven't done though is set any sort of resolutions or goals for the year ahead. I realise this is a very divisive topic; some people revel in making yearly, monthly or even weekly goals whereas others despise the pressure that comes with a new year and the assumption that we should use it to strive for something better when we may be perfectly happy with what we already have.

I sit very much in the middle; some years I've loved setting resolutions and goals for the year ahead, but those years have mostly ended in me being bitterly disappointed in myself for either giving up or not achieving what I'd set out to.

To put it simply, I love setting myself goals, but I absolutely hate not achieving them.

This year setting goals felt to me like I'd be starting the year on a negative; already piling enormous amounts of pressure on myself that I definitely don't need as well as not truly believing I'd achieve them all anyway.

So this year I'm resolution and goal free and maybe that's why I feel so, well erm, free.

Next year might be completely different and I might be in a goal setting mood again, but I suppose my point is, if setting goals means you're putting an unnecessary amount of pressure on yourself, are they really worth it? At the end of the day, you do you hun (bloody can't stand that phrase, but sometimes it's just apt isn't it?).

Amy x