5 Blogs You Should Read

I love reading posts about other people's favourite bloggers because it's handy for finding new reads so I thought I'd do a run down of my own favourites. I actually did a similar post over a year ago, but it's safe to say my favourites have changed since then (and one of them doesn't even blog anymore) so here's an updated list of blogs I think you should be reading right now:

Am I The Same Person On and Offline?

I think it's inevitable that the self people portray online is slightly different from the real life self. Not purposefully, but on blogs, YouTube and Instagram there isn't really room for awkward silences, shyness or chat about the amazing night you had in front of the TV (unless your Twitter feed is as exciting as mine is - lol).

My Current Skincare Saviour

I haven't spoken about skincare for a very long time on this blog, but this mask is really worth the mention. I don't think I know a lot about skincare - I'm still working out what type of skin I have, let alone working out the products that will benefit it the most. One thing I do know is that I'm blemish prone (ugh) and for years attempted to combat that by vigorously scrubbing all sorts of harsh products on my face and was scared of moisturiser because I naively thought surely the last thing my skin needed was more moisture (what a fool). Turns I was wrong and since I've just started taking better care of my skin in general, it seems to be getting better (probably completely jinxed it now).

Hull Bloggers at Liquid Jade

I've spent the whole of this week doing DIY, which despite helping me achieve the grey hair look I've been craving (unfortunately of the dust rather than dyed variety) I am so glad to be sat at my computer with an iced tea writing a blog post.

Last Sunday I attended my first Hull Bloggers meet, which I shouldn't have put off for so long (darn shyness) because it was so much fun and I met some lovely people who didn't even judge me when I stood up to get a flat lay of my tea and cake.

My Most Worn Summer Outfits

I'm not gonna lie, I own A LOT of clothes, but despite that I seem to gravitate towards the same few outfits depending on the weather and I've done just that over the summer months. I'd like to think I'll be able to wear these outfits for a while longer yet please British weather, but I thought I'd do a little round up now because, let's face it, it is British weather. 

What Made Me Happy This Week

So today's planned post was another 'What I Wore This Week', but when it got to Wednesday and I realised I'd completely forgotten to take any photos for it so far (blogger fail) I decided nobody really wants to see a 'What I Wore at the End of This Week' so instead I decided to sit down and just write. Because I'm feeling pretty happy and grateful this week I thought that instead of writing about what I wore this week I'd write about what made me happy: