Quick and Easy Hairstyles

I have to admit that my hair is the one thing that I sacrifice in the morning to get that few extra minutes of shut eye. I'm right in the middle of one of my grow-it-really-long-then-chop-it-all-off cycles so it's a funny length to style. This means that it tends to be left down and to its own devices, sometimes still wet (ultimate laze!) or shoved up in a (genuinely) messy bun. Recently I've been trying to be a bit more adventurous and have put together some quick and easy hair dos. These literally take 5 minutes or less so hopefully they will inspire some of you!

A fishtail plait

If you don't know how to do one of these there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. It's a plait using two strands of hair rather than three. Once you know how to do one it's really simple and quick and makes it look like you've put a lot more effort into your hair than you really have! Tie with either a clear elastic band or mix it up with a bit of ribbon.

Beachy Waves

This is a super quick look to achieve. I slept with a plait in my hair and then spritzed some Schwarzkopf got2b Texturizing Salt Spray through my hair in the morning. Et voila!

Half up twist

The ten second hairstyle, just twist the top half of your hair into a bun and secure. 

A plaited fringe

You can get away with this being a bit messy so depending on how much time you have you can make it as neat or keep it as messy as you want! I started right round at my left ear and french plaited across my head, pinning at my right ear. 

Big fringe

This is actually a bit messier than I would usually want it but I was in a real rush this day! Just back comb as much of your fringe and top of your hair as you want, spray and pin.

Amy x

Review: Benefit's Feelin' Dandy

I'm certainly not an excellent writer of beauty reviews, but I received this for Christmas and as it creates such a lovely delicate look I fancied putting fingers to keyboard and telling you all about it. I'm certainly more of a minimal make up look lover (mainly for the low maintenance aspect of it to be honest) and Benefit's Feelin' Dandy is the perfect little kit to help me achieve that. 

The set includes miniatures of High Beam, Posie Tint, Dandelion blush and Dandelion lip gloss. Also included is a handy 'Tips & Tricks' booklet, which tells you how you can use all the products at the same time if you wish and also which ones can be used for multiple things (clever eh?). The packaging, as is usual with Benefit products, is so pretty and bright, making the kit the cutest addition to your dressing table (or your floor if, like me, that's where you apply your make up). 

So, I'll run through the products individually as some I definitely like more than others:

High Beam // I've used High Beam for a long time because it's the perfect coloured highlighter for my skin tone and I'd just run out of my full sized version when I got this kit. I love how subtle it is, while still giving a lovely highlight and slight shimmer to the face. 

Posie Tint // Despite being able to use this on both lips and cheeks, this is probably my least favourite product in the kit. I find that when using it on cheeks it doesn't really blend very well and can look a bit streaky so I much prefer it on lips, where it does create a nice tint, albeit a little drying.

Dandelion Blush // I have quite porcelain skin so this is such a lovely pale pink shade for me. I use my own brush for it, as the one that comes in the kit is quite small and stiff and doesn't cover a big enough area for it to look natural. I'd definitely invest in the full sized version of this blush as it's perfect for me.

Dandelion Lip Gloss // I'm not usually a lip gloss person, but I absolutely love this one and wear it pretty much every day. It's so smooth and moisturising and tastes really good too (although I am aware that's not a particularly good reason for wearing it). It's got a very subtle colour and isn't at all sticky, which is really nice for everyday wear. 

Overall I'd definitely buy full sized versions of High Beam and the Dandelion Blush and the only reason I wouldn't buy the full version of the lip gloss is because it's not really a product I throw a lot of money at! This is a fab little kit for paler skin tones.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Amy x

I'm A Sucker For A High Neck Line

Isn't it funny how as you get older there are certain things that you suddenly start to like that you were once adamant you never would? A little like when you try alcohol for the first time as a child and wonder why on earth adults drink it, our tastes in all senses of the word, evolve. 

For me personally, this non-exhaustive list includes olives (from disgusting salty devils to heavenly balls of deliciousness), Guinness (from horrible and heavy to smooth and dreamy) and high neck lines (see next paragraph).

What I once saw as uncomfortable, restricting and so claustrophobic I could barely try one on without struggling to breathe and panicking that I'd never get it off, have out of the blue transformed into cosy, chic items and maybe my favourite type of clothing at the moment.

And once I started delving into the world of high neck lines, I discovered there are different kinds of high neck lines and it's just a whole new exciting area of fashion that for some reason I've never bothered with before (I've made it sound rather dramatic haven't I?).

In short, my rather convoluted point is that I'm suddenly a sucker for a high neck line and therefore wanted to show you some of my current favourites. Enjoy fellow high neck line lovers (how many times can I write high neck line before it starts to get annoying?)

1 // I picked this one up in a Next outlet store for a ridiculously cheap price. I'd say it's some sort of hybrid between a jumper and a top so perfect for autumn/winter work wear! Also green is my favourite colour so I'm winning there.

2 // This was a sale buy from Topshop (I obviously love a bargain going by these) and it's one of the most versatile tops I own. Whack it on with jeans and it's the perfect casual outfit, tuck it into a skirt and you're ready to par-tay (I don't know why I just said par-tay, please stop me from ever doing so again).

3 // This wine coloured Topshop beauty goes perfectly underneath pinafores/dungarees and looks good tucked into jeans too as long as you don't mind the slight see-through-ness meaning your bra is a little on show to the world.

4 // You can't really go wrong with a black roll neck can you? I don't know what material this H&M one is made out of, but it's one of those that keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm so I couldn't really ask for anything more.

What do you absolutely love that you used to despise?

Amy x

Seven Uses For Vaseline

It was a bit of a running joke at school that I was obsessed with Vaseline; I was never without it and one by one I made my way through each variation (aloe vera will forever be the one for me). Ten years later and it's still serving me well and in that time I've discovered that it has uses other than hydrating your lips (nothing rudey) so I thought I would share a few with you. Obviously it doesn't have to be branded Vaseline that you use; I also own a huge tub of Petroleum Jelly from the pound shop that doesn't run out quite as quickly! 

1 // Lips, obviously. I couldn't really do a Vaseline post without mentioning lips could I? I have a slight obsession with trying all sorts of lip balm, but I always come back to Vaseline, especially during the winter months because if I don't use it my lips get lovely and chapped. Dreamy eh?

2 // Eyelashes. I did once read that Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow longer, but I have my doubts that there's any truth in that; I certainly haven't found that it's happened for me. It does make my lashes nice and soft and less brittle after a day of wearing mascara though. I apply a thin layer to lashes before bed in the hopes that they won't all fall out overnight from pulling my mascara off (bad habit yes) and I also wear it on no make-up days to give my lashes a little glow and lift.

3 // Hands. As well as being a lip balm obsessive, I'm also keen on my hand cream, but when the hand cream just won't cut it the Vaseline steps in. Before bed I rub it in between my fingers where my hands get driest. I've heard that a good trick if you're suffering from really dry hands is to apply a lot and wear some plastic gloves for an hour (or longer if you have the time!) although I've never really found that to be a very practical thing to do.

4 // Feet. This is the one that people may find a bit gross, but unless you're very lucky I'm sure you at least occasionally suffer from dry or cracked skin on your feet. Vaseline is great for this and I find it better than any foot cream I've ever used. I literally smother my feet in it (this is where the pound shop tub comes in handy!) and then wear socks overnight (obviously only to be done in winter because anyone who wears socks to bed in summer is ridiculous).

5 // Nails. I'm rarely without painted nails because it's one of those things that just makes me feel that bit more put together. This does mean my nails can get in a bit of a state. In between removing nail varnish on an evening and reapplying the next day I'll apply a thin layer of Vaseline to each nail to try and prevent splitting and to keep them in a vaguely okay condition. Vaseline can also be applied around your nails before you paint them, which stops any varnish drying around your nails and looking messy (I often skip this step and regret it).

6 // DIY scrubs. Vaseline can be used as an ingredient in homemade lip and body scrubs. The easiest one I've made was with Vaseline, sugar and olive oil. Soft dreamy skin galore.

7 // DIY make-up. I read this trick in a magazine; scoop out the remnants of a lipstick that's running out, mix it with the same amount of Vaseline and you've got a homemade tinted lip balm. Lovely stuff eh?

Do let me know in the comments if there are any uses I've missed out!

Amy x

Can We All Be A Bit Nicer Please?

If you make one New Year's resolution this year...then maybe stop the hate?

out of focus woman holding sparklers to camera
Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

Happy new year folks! 

I'm going to do something a little different for my first post of each month this year and write about an issue that's been on my mind and got my little brain whirring. 

After starting this blog back in November I've been thinking a lot about how I might be perceived by others and how I could be stigmatised for what I write about; fashion, beauty and lifestyle, which are primarily viewed as fairly 'shallow' topics.

I recently read an article in a magazine in which a teenage girl had written in to say that her peers at school were making her feel thick just because she was interested in fashion. It's safe to say the reply the article offered was exactly my reaction; it's outrageous that a young girl should be made to feel that way simply due to her interests, whatever they may be.

Assuming that you're reading this blog because you're interested in fashion and the like, I imagine you're feeling the same sort of despair as I am, yet I think unfortunately we're up against quite a common opinion. If girls or women are interested in fashion and beauty they are seen as shallow and yes, often perceived as 'thick'. 

This is an issue I hadn't really given much thought to until I read the article, but it's evidently quite a big one and I think it's even partly the reason why it took me so long to start this blog. I didn't want people's perceptions of me to change and in fact I haven't even let anyone read it yet who isn't just a stranger on the internet stumbling across it (thank you guys and big love if you are reading, pls don't take the stranger on the internet thing as an insult, I'm sure you're lovely).

Nobody should be made to feel bad because of their interests and hobbies. Fashion and beauty hasn't got anything to do with being shallow; it's a creative outlet that people just don't seem to be taking seriously yet. But when you think about it, pretty much every hobby has a stigma attached to it; if I was writing a blog about science I would just as quickly be branded 'a geek' or if I was writing a blog about politics I'm sure I'd be labelled 'opinionated'. 

Why do we even have to attach any sort of negative connotations to things people enjoy just because we might not enjoy doing those particular things so much ourselves?

That girl's letter shows us that there is a long way to go before fashion is considered as a legitimate hobby and creative interest rather than something to be sneered at. I for one, however, am going to keep on doing what I enjoy and I most certainly won't discriminate against anyone who has contrasting interests to my own because it's just bloody nice to be nice isn't it?

Amy x