Style Inspiration: The Old Friend

This month's style inspiration post features my old friend Katie (I mean in the sense that we've been friends for a long time, I promise I'm not calling you old Katie!). Saying that, Katie is a couple of years older than me so she's someone I've always looked to for style inspiration right back from when she was the cool one with the tie dye tops to now when she always manages to look effortlessly lovely.

Bathroom Transformation

This room was actually pretty much finished months ago, but we had to wait for an annoying damp patch we discovered (thanks old house) to be fixed and dry out before we could paint the walls. Being the risky people that we are we ended up just popping some damp seal over the top and hoping for the best (experts). Whereas we are doing everything we can ourselves I have to admit we did have some help on this one in the form of a plumber and a tiler cause ain't nobody got time to tile a bathroom with those small brick tiles (apart from the tiler).

10 Reasons Center Parcs is Underrated

 walkway through high trees in a forest

 As a child I visited Center Parcs quite a few times, but I hadn't been back since I was 11. I used to really enjoy it, but as I got older I became more excited by exploring new places where there were lots of things to see and do. I think Center Parcs is often perceieved as a bit boring and overpriced. So here I am writing a post telling you why I love it so bloody much.

Travel and Disability // Things To Consider

two women with arms round each other, one in a wheelchair

I have so many ideas in my head of posts I want to write about having a disabled sibling because I think it's a topic seldom covered, but I can't quite seem to coherently write them down. I also find it a difficult thing to write about because every disability is different so for example with this post, a lot of the things I'm going to write about will only apply to disabled people with conditions similar to my sister. 

However, I did think it could be a useful topic, and if not useful then at least interesting for people who may not have considered all the things you have to think about when travelling as a disabled person.

Autumn Wardrobe Staples

Autumn for me is all about layering - the weather at this time of year in the UK can be a bit indecisive so I always like to be prepared for all eventualities (although judging by a walk to work a few weeks ago it seems that rain is not one of the eventualities I am prepared for).