Style Inspiration: The Old Friend

This month's style inspiration post features my old friend Katie (I mean in the sense that we've been friends for a long time, I promise I'm not calling you old Katie!). Saying that, Katie is a couple of years older than me so she's someone I've always looked to for style inspiration right back from when she was the cool one with the tie dye tops to now when she always manages to look effortlessly lovely.

Bathroom Transformation

This room was actually pretty much finished months ago, but we had to wait for an annoying damp patch we discovered (thanks old house) to be fixed and dry out before we could paint the walls. Being the risky people that we are we ended up just popping some damp seal over the top and hoping for the best (experts). Whereas we are doing everything we can ourselves I have to admit we did have some help on this one in the form of a plumber and a tiler cause ain't nobody got time to tile a bathroom with those small brick tiles (apart from the tiler).

All About The Body

So I legit couldn't think of a title for this post that didn't sound like it was either going to be a body positivity post or something sexual. Soz, it's neither. It's actually just a simple post about how much I've been loving bodies of the clothing variety. So yeah, here's three of my favourites:

What I Wore This Week #9

This week has been the first week I've really started dressing for autumn properly - it's got pretty darn chilly and I'm having a battle with myself about whether to turn the heating on yet or not (not is winning so far, but I'm running out of blankets I can pile on top of myself). Here's what I wore this week:

Why I Don't Diet Anymore

I'm one of those girls who has tried pretty much every diet out there - starting with Weight Watchers at the age of 14 I've since worked my way through the 5:2 diet, no carbs, the 8 hour diet, high protein, plant based, the list goes on. OK so I've just googled a list of popular diets and realised I definitely haven't tried pretty much every diet out there, but you catch my drift. I've tried a fair few and I had been dieting on and off for about 10 years.

10 Reasons Center Parcs is Underrated


 As a child I visited Center Parcs quite a few times, but I hadn't been back since I was 11. I used to really enjoy it, but as I got older I became more excited by exploring new places where there were lots of things to see and do. I think Center Parcs is often perceieved as a bit boring and overpriced. So here I am writing a post telling you why I love it so bloody much.

Holidaying with a Disabled Person

Even though this post is pre-written because I've been away this week, I thought it would be an apt time to post it because I've just been away with my disabled sister. I have so many ideas in my head of posts I want to write about having a disabled sibling because I think it's a topic seldom covered, but I can't quite seem to coherently write them down! This is one I found easier to write and I wanted to write a little about things you need to consider when holidaying with a disabled person because I thought it could actually be a pretty useful topic to cover.

15 Autumn Homeware Buys

Now I'm not one of those people who changes up their whole home decor based on the season (does anybody really have the time or money for that?), but it's a no brainer that my wish list and shopping habits change slightly based on the weather so prepare yourself for a wish list full of blankets and candles because my oh my it's got cold in the UK (my fingers are actually freezing as I type this, I need some house gloves). The items that are most likely to make a dent in my bank balance are the throws and the bulb lights because all I want for autumn is a cosy den!

Autumn Wardrobe Staples

Autumn for me is all about layering - the weather at this time of year in the UK can be a bit indecisive so I always like to be prepared for all eventualities (although judging by a walk to work a few weeks ago it seems that rain is not one of the eventualities I am prepared for).

Being a Shy Blogger

It's the day after the Blogger's Blog Awards, I'm sat at my desk with a homemade iced coffee, watching my washing dry outside and wondering how to start this post. I'm listening to Maximo Park because they played a song at the awards yesterday and it reminded me they existed. Listening to them is making me happy sad the way old music does.

Interiors | Finishing Touches

It feels odd writing a post about finishing touches when we are waaaaay off finishing decorating our house, but we have finished a fair few rooms so I wanted to talk about some of the finishing touches I've made to those rooms (how many times can I use 'finish' in a sentence?) Some of them are super obvious (hello candles and house plants, I'm looking at you) but some of them I'm quite proud of being imaginative enough to do!

Pot pourri and gypsophila 

The Perfect £20 Dress

So this is a bold claim, but I think I've found the perfect dress for any occasion and it was only £20. Winning. It's burgundy so I guess I'm getting my autumn on, it's the wrap style that I've grown to love and it's not too short that you'd feel like you couldn't wear it in front of your boyfriend's family. Ticks all my boxes anyway!

Zizzi with the Elle Next Door and Hannah Gale

I have a feeling I'm going to find writing this post slightly annoying as Blogger insists on autocorrecting Zizzi to Pizzi every time I write it (what is Pizzi?). Also I've just finished a ten hour shift after four hours sleep so apologies if some cheeky Pizzis make it in here.