How To Spend a Weekend in Iceland

three women walking down huge hill in the middle of rural Iceland

Iceland isn't really the type of place you'd think of for a weekend break, but recently I went with some gal pals for three days; although I'd definitely love to go back to explore more because we couldn't squeeze everything in, it was 100% worth doing plus I'll be more clued up ready for the next time I go. If you do fancy a short break there though, I've put together some tips on how to do Iceland in three days, plus just a few tips for visiting Iceland in general (that I can reread myself when it comes to me going back; future me says thank you Amy).

two glasses of prosecco clinking together with two glasses of green juice over the steamy blue water in the lagoon

wooden steps leading up to a log cabin, against the backdrop of a rural grassy expanse

Prioritise // Decide what you want to do the most. For us that was The Blue Lagoon so we made sure we had that booked as a definite before we went and built the rest of our time around that. We would have loved to have seen the Northern Lights and the Golden Circle, but there just wasn't enough time (which is why I'm obviously just going to have to go back). As The Blue Lagoon was our priority, we made sure we were staying near it and explored the rest of the area around there.

Stay rural // We stayed in a wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere on a flat expanse of barren land right next to the sea (sounds grim, but it was bloody great). It was much cheaper than staying in Reykjavik, it was super cosy and it just felt a bit more like real Iceland. I'd say only stay in Reykjavik if you're planning on getting tours from there as there isn't actually much there and it's not as pretty as the rural areas. Although we visited the city and I'm glad we did, I probably wouldn't bother going there again when I revisit celand. It's not difficult to stay rural either seeing as the majority of Iceland is!

Hire a car // With only a short amount of time there we couldn't really do tours to places because they take up quite a bit of time, plus we thought it'd be easier to just do our own thing. We'd definitely have been lost without our car because we were staying so far out we needed it to drive pretty much anywhere (I think this is generally the case in Iceland). It also meant we could make random decisions about where we wanted to go; at the last minute we decided to stop off on the coast on our way to The Blue Lagoon so without the car we'd definitely have seen less and would have spent a fortune on taxis! It goes without saying that you do have be very careful driving in Iceland as the weather is extremely unpredictable. 

blue icy choppy waves against black rocks

snowy path leading up to snowy mountains, moody sky

Don't underestimate the weather // As I briefly touched on above, the weather is very changeable and often very quickly. We'd just driven through a massive hail storm before the above picture was taken and the ground was clear of snow about ten minutes earlier! I'd like to go back in the summer months because daylight wasn't very long (6 hours) and the wind was ridiculously strong which made it feel bitterly cold. Obviously the romanticised vision of Iceland is being in the snow watching the Northern Lights, but for practicality I think it'd be better to have more daylight hours to see things and for it to be a little warmer so you actually enjoy being outside for long periods of time, although it's personal preference I suppose!

Tips in brief:
- I'd read a lot about it being a requirement to have a naked shower before you enter The Blue Lagoon and a lot of people seemed to be worried about that. Don't worry because there are separate cubicles so it's all very private.
- I'd also read a lot about how bad The Blue Lagoon is for your hair. I did layer conditioner (provided) on before I went in, but I honestly didn't notice any bad effects at all.
- Unlike most other European countries the tap water is very clean and drinkable so you don't need to waste your money stocking up on bottled water.
- It's very expensive for things like food and drink. I don't know if it's just because of the bad exchange rate or if it's just expensive anyway, but be prepared!

Have you ever been to Iceland?

Amy x

My Most Worn Autumn Outfits

I swear autumn is the shortest season - before you know it all the leaves are a slippery mess, it's cold AF and your heating is on full whack. Hello winter I guess. I know winter doesn't officially start until December 21st, but unofficially it basically lasts about five months. Ew. 

Anyway, there are less outfits in this post than there usually are in a seasonal most worn compilation because I've tended to switch it up quite a bit and only have a real select few outfits I've worn a lot. So I guess that makes these ones super favourites. 

Jumper - New Look | Trench - New Look (old) | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - Topshop (old)

First up, THIS JUMPER <3. I love the high neck, I love the colour and I love how darn cosy it is. I've worn it so much and will continue to do so throughout winter I imagine. I've been pairing it either with these black jeans or with my blue embroidered ones which you'll be seeing very shortly...

Jeans - Topshop | Jumper - The Glasgow Vintage Company | Body - Next (here) | Boots - Truffle Collection (old)

I'd been wanting some embroidered jeans for a while and when I found these it was love at first sight (to the extent that you can be in love with a pair of jeans anyway). They actually go with just about anything and they're so comfortable. I've also been constantly wearing this cashmere jumper over the grey body - I adore grey at the moment and rediscovered this jumper at the back of my wardrobe. SO SOFT and it was only £10 from a vintage shop in Glasgow so it feels like the best win. 

Dress - New Look 

This is the last outfit I've really been wearing to death during autumn. Very stereotypically autumnal in colour I know, but it's one of my favourite colours to wear anyway and I've really started to love wrap dresses - like there are about 50 of them on my wishlist. As well as on its own I've been layering this over a long sleeved top on colder days!

Which is your favourite look? Have you had any go to outfits this autumn?

Amy x

Iceland In Pictures

It's currently Wednesday as I'm writing this, I've just got back from Iceland and I'm sat at my computer with a green tea and a Christmas candle on feeling pretty unmotivated to actually write about Iceland because I'm tired AF, have the prospect of working 26 hours over the next two days ahead of me and I don't have any food in the house which has got me seriously wondering whether I should drive to McDonalds or not.

Anyway, I will write a proper post about Iceland, but for now here's a whole load of pictures which will probably make you want to book a flight right away, unless I haven't done it justice in which case I probably shouldn't write a blog.

a snowy, cloudy, moody scene in Iceland

wooden jetty overlooking huge lake, snowy hills in the background

wooden steps leading up to a lodge in the middle of a wild grassy field

black cliffs overlooking choppy icy blue waves

evening, lots of people swimming, steam rising off the water into the atmosphere

smiling woman in a bobble hat in front of a lake

two glasses of prosecco and two glasses of green juice being clinked together above blue water with steam rising

blue water, snowy mountains in the distance, boats out at sea

three girls walking down a huge hill in rural Iceland

wooden fencing around a log cabin

black rocks in foreground, empty road in the background

black rocks against icy blue waves

red smoothie against backdrop of blue water

snowy path leading to snowy mountains

cliffs looking down onto icy blue waves, choppy

log cabin, isolated

bird flying over icy blue choppy waves bashing against black cliffs

fisheye lens, woman with face mask on in water

spiky black rocks sticking out of the sea

woman in bobble hat looking out onto snowy mountains

woman in face mask looking out on the water at the Blue Lagoon

Have you ever been to Iceland?

Amy x

Embracing Your Personal Style

Thoughts that used to go through my head when I got dressed in the morning:
Do I look nice?
Will other people think I look nice?

Thoughts that go through my head now when I get dressed in the morning:
Am I going to be comfortable?
Do I like how I look?