The Power Of An Outfit

This post contains a gifted item. ANGELEYE has a beautiful range of wedding guest dresses as well as lots of other gorgeous clothes.

Dress - ANGELEYE (here) *gifted // Shoes - Converse (here) // Bag - Urban Outfitters

A love of clothes and fashion is often seen as superficial, shallow, even a little vain, but it's undeniable that clothes can make you feel good. It's also undeniable that your choice of outfit will make some sort of impression on the people around you, whether you want it to or not.

In my opinion the impression you make doesn't necessarily come from the physical clothes you're wearing; it comes from you and how wearing said clothes makes you feel.

And that's where my own love of clothes and fashion stems from; how wearing certain clothes makes me feel, how an outfit can completely transform both my mood and my confidence, how an appreciation of style can actually enable you to judge people less because aside from the actual outfit you're able to see the confidence it inspires in someone.

With the rise in awareness of the damage that fast fashion has on the environment, I think we're all trying to be a little more mindful of our purchasing habits. I know I could certainly do much better, but a small step I'm making on my way to change is only investing in outfits or garments that have a powerful impact on my mood and confidence.

Realistically, why would I wear a frivolous sale buy that may be 'on trend', but may also be a size too big or something I'm just not 100% comfortable in when I could wear something that I feel my absolute best self in?

From now on I'm only here for outfits that have the power to make me feel confident, comfortable and just darn good.

Amy x