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July Books

July Books

Posted on: Monday 31 July 2023

a book is open on a white bedspread, showing 'chapter 17'

 I don't want to jinx it, but I think I've managed to find my reading mojo again after a few months of simply not being able to find the time and in July I've managed to read three books, including a pretty hefty 700 pager! I made some pretty good decisions of what to read too as they were ALL five star books, which as someone who hardly ever rates something a five is unheard of! 

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah // The story of two sisters during the second world war and the very different paths they take in order to contribute and survive. This felt very similar to books like The Tattooist Of Auschwitz, although this was fiction rather than based on real events. I think the gravitas of books like these comes from the fact that, despite it being fiction, there will be stories so similar out there that did actually happen. I was completely hooked and this book definitely lived up to the hype as I'd had it highly recommended by a few people! 

The Pull Of The Stars by Emma Donoghue // Set in a hospital in Dublin during the influenza outbreak of 1918 this book had major covid vibes! It's about a nurse working on a maternity ward and the relationship she develops with an orphan drafted in to help her while the hospital is extremely short staffed. I absolutely did not expect the ending and it came rather abruptly, but I was a fan!

Atlas: The Story Of Pa Salt by Lucinda Riley and Harry Whitaker // The last book in the Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley, written by her son as she sadly passed away before she was able to write it herself. I feel like it was brave to take on the task of rounding up the entire series, but he did it so well and I actually found the writing style fairly similar to his mother's so it flowed very nicely on from the others. I wished I'd re-read the first seven books before reading this one as I'd forgotten so much detail that was probably important, but I definitely wouldn't have had the time for that! I absolutely loved how all the stories were finally tied together, it was a definite five star read! 


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