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I am one of those people that could spend hours scouring charity shops and never find anything good. My friend Emily however, is one those lucky few who finds something good every time she walks into one and paired with the fact that she's also a pretty good sale shopper she's ended up having one of the cheapest yet nicest wardrobes I've seen. 

Bringing up a Disabled Child

A couple of months ago I asked my mum to write a post for me about bringing up a disabled child - I've written posts in the past about having a disabled sibling but thought it would be good to get a different perspective from my mum. So thank you to my mum for a lovely post and I hope you enjoy reading:

Summer Favourites

So it's not the end of summer yet (fingers crossed), but I've had some firm favourites so far this season that I wanted to share. These are a mixture of fashion and beauty and also a mixture of old rediscoveries and new finds. 

Temporary Living Room Transformation

So I wasn't sure whether to do a transformation post on this room or not because it's actually eventually going to be our spare bedroom, but at the moment it's our living room while we get to work on downstairs. It's actually probably my favourite room we've done so far (sorry bedroom) because I adore the colour and it's got the fireplace and the built in shelves which give it a bit of character. So because of that I thought I'd do a transformation post now because it's not going to look that different as a spare bedroom because the sofa will just become a bed and the TV will disappear.

How Blogging Has Made Me Less Bitchy

This is kind of a scary post to write because I don't want it to come across in the wrong way, but hopefully I'll manage to jumble some words together that make sense and put across what I want to! I'm not trying to say that I was a massive bitch before I started blogging - I like to think I was quite a nice person, but I would say I was quite judgmental. I'd make assumptions based on few facts about people and even though I wouldn't voice my assumptions I'd still make them in my head.

Summer Accessories

I've actually never spoken about accessories on my blog before, mainly because I'm quite minimalist when it comes to accessorising and quite often I stick to the same few rings and pairs of earrings and that's about it. This summer though I seem to have become a little braver (emphasis on the little) and I have some real staples that I've been loving and I thought it'd be rude not to share!

A Salad For Salad Haters

I'm not quite sure why I've named this a salad for salad haters because it is still a salad so if you actually hate salad it might not be for you, but what I mean is a salad for people like me who find it a little boring and not as tasty as pizza (before you get any ideas, this salad still doesn't beat pizza). This is one I made in Glasgow while visiting my friend and I'm pretty proud we made salad when we usually make pasta (although we did have beans on toast the next night to compensate).