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December Books

December Books

Posted on: Sunday 31 December 2023

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As I mentioned in last month's book post, I downloaded a new book tracking app called Storygraph so I'm now using their rating system, which I much prefer to Goodreads because not only can you give half stars, you can even give quarter stars so it's much more accurate (and I can stop rating every book under the sun a four!)

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah // After a slow start I thought this was going to be a weaker book from Kristin Hannah, but boy was I wrong. After their father's death two sisters attempt to get to know their mother, who they believe has never loved them. What they uncover about their Russian mother's past living under Stalin during the war is harrowing and heartbreaking. Another one of those fiction books that is probably similar to a lot of people's truth and the development of all three main characters is superb. I rated it 4.75 stars - it lost that .25 because of the slow start! 

The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware // Hal is a tarot reader on Brighton Pier, lonely after the death of her mother and owes a lot of money to a sketchy loan shark. She receives a letter about an inheritance that she decides can no way be legitimate, but finds herself chasing it up regardless leading to her getting far more involved with a family than she was planning to. I vaguely guessed where this was going fairly early on, but still enjoyed reading it and rated it 3.75 stars. 

The Sustainable(ish) Guide To Green Parenting by Jen Gale // I read The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide yonks ago and really enjoyed it and my parents bought me this for Christmas last year (really should have read it sooner seeing as I am now over a year into parenting). I loved this for the same reason as I loved her first book; it doesn't make you feel too guilty because she's very understanding of the fact that life happens and we can't always be as sustainable as we'd like. It also has fairly practical and easy solutions in there. It has definitely given me a kick up the bum and made me realise that some of my sustainable habits have become a bit lax and now that I've kind of got the hang of this parenting thing there are definitely things I could be doing better! I rated it 4 stars, it lost a star for the slight repetition of some elements from the first book.

Girl, Forgotten by Karin Slaughter // Set both in the 1980s and the present day, this book follows Emily, who is ostracised from her friends and society after falling pregnant at a party she doesn't remember and Andrea, the US Marshal who is trying to find out who murdered Emily 40 years after the crime. This is a fairly heavy book with some pretty nasty characters, but I do love a book that doesn't shy away from getting heavy and I was hooked on this one. I rated it 4.25 stars. 

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