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2024 Travel Hopes

2024 Travel Hopes

Posted on: Sunday 7 January 2024

Amy is standing in front of a view of Staithes, North Yorkshire. She has her hand up to her blue gingham sun hat and is wearing a yellow blouse. There are flowers in the foreground

I last made a travel wish list at the start of 2022 and seeing as I spent that entire year either pregnant or with a new baby I'd say that the fact I ticked off two out of four places on that list is pretty good going. I didn't bother making one for 2023 because I knew we'd be staying fairly local for holidays and/or not having very many! I know people travel here, there and everywhere with babies, but I am not one of those people; it took me long enough to get to grips with parenting on home turf never mind somewhere else. Now that we have a toddler though, and the prospect of going a little further afield seems more feasible I thought I'd list some travel hopes for this year...spoiler, they're still not the most exotic destinations in the world. I just love a UK break and can't take the eco guilt of flying anymore.

WALES // This was on the 2022 list and we didn't make it because we decided to go to France instead (I'd always choose France to be honest) so I'm reinstating it on this year's list. I feel like it would be a lovely place to go on a little family holiday, particularly North Wales as it looks so picturesque. Luckily my little boy has inherited our love of the outdoors so a potter about there sounds idyllic. Now to wait and see whether we make it happen. 

THE LAKE DISTRICT // It's probably going to end up being one or the other between Wales and The Lakes, but we visited back in 2021 and it was such a perfect holiday so I'd love to take the little one with us too, plus I feel like there's so much more to do and see than we managed to - you only really scratch the surface of somewhere with one visit don't you!

FRANCE // Ok, so France was on my 2022 list and we did manage to tick it off, but here it is again. I do love France. I would potentially have chosen somewhere different in Europe, but I feel like France is an easier place to get to as if we go abroad we'd be thinking of either driving like we did last time or getting the train (both for environmental and toddler reasons). I don't know where specifically in France as it would depend whether we were driving or getting the train, but I have learnt over the years that France is always a good idea!

CENTRE PARCS // This one is most likely not going to happen, but I love Centre Parcs and I would love to have a little family holiday there, maybe in the autumn because the trees will look all lovely. I remember going as a child and have such lovely memories of those holidays so I'd definitely like to give my own child that experience at some point too! I just find it a really calm, mind resetting place; anywhere outdoorsy is a winner in my eyes. 

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