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Introducing Bobby Jude

Introducing Bobby Jude

Posted on: Sunday 25 September 2022

I published my third trimester diaries then a few pre-scheduled posts went up so unless you follow me on Instagram you were left a little in the dark about whether and when I actually had my baby...

Bobby Jude arrived on 31st August, sneaking into the same school year as his five month old cousin with a mere two and a half hours to spare. Since then it's been an absolute whirlwind of newborn life; it's definitely a huge adjustment suddenly having your life run by a tiny human and the time flies by, he's three and a half weeks old already! 

I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to share my birth story or not as it's not something I feel particularly positive about yet and the last thing I want to do is a) appear ungrateful that it brought us our beautiful son or b) scare anyone currently pregnant (I couldn't stand reading/hearing birth stories when I was pregnant!)

Either way I'm definitely going to be writing it down for myself so potentially watch this space if that is something you're interested in. 

But for now I'm keeping this as a short and sweet introductory post. We're slowly getting used to life with a newborn (including the lack of sleep!) and I'm slowly recovering too. I feel like Bobby's little personality is already coming through and he's changed so much already!

We've decided not to share his face on social media but that doesn't mean I won't be sharing parenting content (if I didn't I wouldn't have much else to share right now!) although I'll still be sharing my same old style content too so I hope you'll stick around! 


  1. Congratulations Amy! Only share your birth story if you feel comfortable enough to, don't put pressure on yourself! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Congratulations! Welcome to the whirlwind. Hope you're all doing okay. X

  3. Congrats on your beautiful baby :) I found writing my birth story out to be very therapeutic!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think I am gonna do it :) x


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