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What I've Been Reading, Watching And Listening To // June

What I've Been Reading, Watching And Listening To // June

Posted on: Sunday, 3 July 2022

I hate to be that person, but June has flown by hasn't it? I'm desperately trying to fit in as much reading as possible because I'm sure once the baby comes I'll have a lot less time for it!

R E A D I N G :

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig // I absolutely raced through this. Without giving anything away, it's essentially about how every small decision can affect our life and the multiple other lives we could have lived if we only made a different decision. It was really interesting and a very easy read (hello short chapters my friend) and I rated it four stars.

Survive The Night by Riley Sager // This was the type of thriller that I thought was going to be a bit rubbish, but then I ended up getting hooked! The whole book covers just one night, in which a university student is getting a lift home with someone who may or may not be a serial killer, a fact she tries to work out along the way. It was easy reading and I rated it three stars.

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin // Something a little different from my usual reads, this is the first book in a series of fantasy novels. Something about it was very Game of Thrones-esque, but I didn't really find myself able to get into it all that much so I'm not sure if I'll read the others as I only rated it two stars.

The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult // I tried reading this much earlier in the year and couldn't get into it so after a couple of chapters I put it to one side. I decided to finally give it another try and I've managed to get into it, although I didn't find the story particularly gripping until it got quite near the end. The main character, Dawn, is a death doula helping people at the end of their lives and as well as following her current life in Boston, the book follows her potential career before she became a death doula, which was an Egyptologist. It was an interesting read and I got more into it towards the end, but I definitely preferred the death doula half over the Egypt sections, so I rated it three stars.

Ask No Questions by Clare Allan // It's the 25th anniversary of a child murder and Ingrid, who was a child herself at the time, is the journalist covering the story as the killer who is now protesting his innocence is released from jail. This definitely kept me reading, (as every thriller generally does), but I rated it three stars as I didn't find any of the characters particularly likeable!


W A T C H I N G :

Life After Life / BBC // I was really excited about this because it's based on one of my favourite books I've ever read and I was interested to see how they interpreted it on screen. The first episode was a bit repetitive (but I seem to remember thinking that about the beginning of the book), but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. It definitely wasn't anywhere near as good as the book, but then I don't think anything ever is when you've read the book first.

The Great British Sewing Bee / BBC // I love this programme; it always inspires me to get my sewing machine out! It was the final on Wednesday and I'm so pleased with who won (no spoilers here) because I was rooting for her from the beginning, partly because I followed her on Instagram before Sewing Bee even started, but she's also obviously very good!

Interior Design Masters / Netflix/BBC // We've just finished watching season 1 of Interior Design Masters and I loved it! I think because we've done our own home up recently (and still are) we find it even more interesting and luckily we tend to agree on which designs we do and don't like, which bodes well for any more future decorating plans!

L I S T E N I N G :

Radio 2 // It's official, I'm too old for Radio 1 and well and truly in the Radio 2 camp. I ran out of phone data mid month so instead of music or podcasts on my commute I had to switch to the radio. Jo Whiley's Shiny Happy Playlist coincides perfectly with my drive home from work and I am here for it. 


  1. I don't listen to Radio 2 but I'm reaching that age where I rarely listen to Radio 1! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Get your sewing machine out! I'd love to see what you make!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha I will definitely try and find the time! x

  3. I haven't sat down to properly read for a long time. I struggle to find the time to be honest, but some of the books you've read this month sound great. I like the sound of survive the night especially! If I am reading, it's always a thriller!

    1. Thrillers are just so easy to read aren't they! x


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