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The Happy List 9.0

The Happy List 9.0

Posted on: Sunday 10 July 2022

I find it so therapeutic writing these little lists of happiness; slowing down and appreciating the smaller things in life is something I really wanted to try and incorporate more this year and I definitely feel like it's making me more content! 

Spending an afternoon getting lost in something creative.

Baby kicks acting as my new alarm clock.

Reading in the garden.

DIY that goes right (for once).

Buying plants for the garden and them actually growing!

Drinking (decaf) iced coffee in the sunshine.

Peach squash.

Productive days.

Appreciating my home.

Cherry tomatoes.

Sunny (but breezy!) days.

Catch ups with old friends.

Finding clothes that still fit.

Sewing projects that go right.

Floaty dresses.

Talking about the future.


  1. I loved reading your happy list! I've never tried peach squash, it sounds like the perfect Summer drink x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Thanks lovely and yes it's perfect with a bit of ice! x

  2. Oh yes indeed this happy list sounds lovely and I am LOVING this photo! Glad I found you blog!

    Allie of

  3. Lovely list. You look glowing! Can't be long now :)

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you lovely! I still have 7 weeks can you believe it haha x

  4. I love these little happy lists! Hurrah for a DIY project going well, it doesn't happen very often in our house. Haha. X

    1. Us neither, that's why it made the list haha! x

  5. Loved reading this. So nice to focus on the little things x

  6. I love posts like this! It's so nice finding happiness in the little things sometimes! :-)

    Courtney x


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