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Slow Outfits Of The Week #3 // Maternity Edition

Slow Outfits Of The Week #3 // Maternity Edition

Posted on: Sunday 24 July 2022

 I'm not going to lie, my wardrobe is rather condensed at the moment because hardly anything fits me, but I thought it'd be interesting to do a maternity edition of my slow outfits of the week posts (if I can find enough outfits to actually wear something different every day...) The following are actually my outfits from last week because I had a super busy week this week and didn't think I'd managed to snap a photo every day! (I probably just repeated the same outfits this week though).

I've written before about how I've tried to make my maternity wardrobe as sustainable as possible and I'll go into a bit more detail in this post about the whats and whys of each outfit!

Outfit One - Monday 

Dress - The Vintage Scene. I discovered another dress in my wardrobe that still fits! I bought this vintage floral number a couple of years ago and dug it out on Monday to see if it fits over my bump and it does! The band is in just the right place, leaving plenty of room for the bottom half to nicely float over my bump and I'm crossing my fingers this may actually last me right through to the end because it's perfect for summer. Finding something that's both vintage and part of my existing wardrobe makes my sustainable head very happy.

Outfit Two - Tuesday

Shorts - Baby Arlo Studio. I'm not sure what's happening this week because these are another non-maternity item that still fit me (I did roll them down a little at the front for comfort though). Baby Arlo is a small independent run by the lovely Sophie who handmakes everything; she specialises in childrenswear, but when she brought out ladies cycling shorts last year I had to get some!

Vest top - Organic Basics* (previously gifted). This vest top is just about at its stretch capacity; it's also non-maternity so I'm pretty impressed with how long it's lasted me. It's nice and long though to cover up where I rolled down the shorts! It's made from Tencel, which is recycled wood pulp and it's so soft.

Cardigan - old fast fashion. You can't go wrong with a black cardigan can you? I've had this one probably for around ten years and it's certainly had its wear, but it's still going strong!

Outfit Three - Wednesday 

Dress - Vinted. This is my most recent maternity buy; it's originally New Look and I bagged it for £3 on Vinted. I was going to try and last the rest of my pregnancy without buying anything else, but with me seeming to outgrow something in my wardrobe daily I felt like I needed something to get me through!

Shirt - Matthew's wardrobe. I actually wore this in my last week in outfits post too so it was definitely worth me hanging onto it when Matthew didn't want it anymore!

Outfit Four - Thursday

Jumpsuit - borrowed from a friend. I was working from home on this day and this was the perfect outfit for it. I saw a friend on Monday who has just had beautiful twins and she leant me a couple of maternity bits to get me through the last few weeks - this is an absolute lifesaver and I never want to remove it!

Outfit Five - Friday 

Leggings - ASOS via Vinted. Everything (bar underwear) maternity that I have bought I've bought second hand; there's so much second hand maternity wear out there that it just makes sense! These leggings were my first actual maternity purchase and they're still really comfortable, plus I feel like 'me' when I wear them, which becomes increasingly difficult the more pregnant I get!

Vest top - same as Tuesday.

Blouse - old fast fashion. Gotta love a print clash. This is part of a co-ord (that I usually wear done up!) I've had a few years now and was probably one of the last fast fashion items I bought. I still love it though and will do for years to come I'm sure!

Outfit Six - Sunday

(I've not included Saturday because it was a jobs kinda day and I wore the same as on Thursday!) 

Dress - Vinted. This isn't a maternity dress, but I bought it to last me through summer as I thought it'd fit comfortably over my bump and it does. I honestly can't get enough of Vinted, this was only £3! 


  1. Ahh I love that mustard dress! Also the piano!! What a beauty haha.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you! Haha I just need to play that more... xx

  2. Love this! I'm so nosey when it comes to people's outfits. I had a very similar pair of dungarees I absolutely lived in during my pregnancy. You look fab in all of these! X

    1. Ah thank you! I have a feeling I'm going to be living in those ones once I'm on maternity leave haha! xx

  3. Some lovely maternity wear here, I love the first dress you're wearing and the black jumpsuit that your friend lent to you! x

    Lucy Mary

  4. You look amazing! Loving the orange jumpsuit x

  5. love the mustard dress and also the black jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are always the best choice for comfort haha!

    Courtney x

    1. Thanks lovely, ah they're the best aren't they! x


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