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AD // I want to go to the hairdresser but I can't so here's what I'm doing instead...

AD // I want to go to the hairdresser but I can't so here's what I'm doing instead...

Posted on: Wednesday 29 April 2020

This is a sponsored post, but all words, opinions and hair woes are my own.

Yes I know, a very catchy post title from me, but you've gotta say it how it is right?

It's funny how little thought I've previously given to how much my hair is a part of my identity. Just like clothes, it's a way I can express and style myself and I enjoy doing so. The thing is, I've long been due a trip to the hairdresser and I've reached the annoying in between stage of it being any kind of notable length at all. Very much first world problems I know, but it's been more of a struggle than usual to make myself feel like myself.

Along with quite possibly the majority of the UK, I've considered taking matters into my own hands, but despite being confident enough to shave my boyfriend's head, I'd rather wait to let the professionals work their magic on mine, having had many a bad fringe cutting experience in my time.

So while I bide my time I'm attempting to keep my hair in a vaguely good condition as well as finding hairstyles that suit my hair at a length I don't particularly like. Sounds fun eh? So yes, here's what I'm doing...

DITCHING HEAT // The condition of my hair already left a lot to be desired before lockdown; trips to the hairdresser are something I tend to put off for a while before going through with them (I don't actually think I enjoy the whole process of going to the hairdresser #callmeweird). In an attempt to stop it from getting any worse I've ditched using heat on it during lockdown (I don't exactly have anywhere nice to go to curl it for do I?). Instead I've been opting for styles that don't need heat; currently I'm enjoying french plaits one day followed by the waves it ever so kindly leaves my hair in the next.

HAIR MASKS // Hair masks have always been something I've wanted to use regularly, but just haven't had (or made) the time. Cue having plenty of time on my hands and it seemed like a good opportunity to seize. As I couldn't really bring myself to see how hair masks could be classed as an essential item I've just been using some coconut oil that I already had. Can confirm that it's done wonders for my scalp and my hair is v soft; just make sure you wash it out properly if you don't want to give the impression that something could be fried on your head.

EXPERIMENTING WITH STYLES // I may not have actually started wearing fresh flowers in my hair (that was for photo purposes only), but I have been experimenting more with how I can wear my hair. I've been wearing it up for work because it just seems the most hygienic thing to do while we're all trying to be strict on germs, but wearing it up every day has made me realise how often I rely on having it down. There's not been anything revolutionary so far, but I'm partial to a slicked back low bun and milkmaid braids.

RESEARCH & PINTEREST // By far the most exciting thing I've been doing hair-wise is researching what I'm eventually going to have done to it when I manage to get a (rather in demand I imagine) hairdressers appointment (I'm currently thinking a lil' blonde bob - thoughts?) So get pinning styles and colours on Pinterest, get googling 'top hairdressers Manchester'/Hull/wherever you live and get excited about your hair-to-be.

Amy x


  1. Love this!! I really need to deep condition my hair using my Body Shop hair mask. Haven't done it in a WHILE! X

    1. I honestly never used to make time for anything like that, but I have no excuse now! x

  2. I am LOVING the flower accessories. Since lockdown I have washed my hair so much less, currently on day seven (but its getting grim) and the most surprising thing is that now when I wash it it is such a better texture and looks really good if I blow dry it that I can actually go 2-3 days before I need to do anything with it!


    1. Thanks lovely! Ah I wish I could get mine used to being washed less! x


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