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35 Things To Do To Lift Your Mood

35 Things To Do To Lift Your Mood

Posted on: Sunday 19 April 2020

I mentioned in a previous post (here) that if there's one thing quarantine is doing, it's helping us appreciate and find joy in the simple things in life. It's also a difficult time for many (if not everyone) so I thought I'd put a post together of some simple, quarantine-friendly pick me ups (which also apply to life in general and I jolly well hope to continue taking the time to do when this is all over).

I was aiming for 40 because it's a nice round number, but made it to 35 and thought I'd end up repeating myself (there is only so much you can do in quarantine after all isn't there?) so add 5 of your own on the end to make my job easier, ta.

Start your morning by taking some time to stretch and wake up your body.

Open all your curtains and let the light stream in.

Always make your bed.

Go in your garden or open a window and take some long, deep breaths of fresh air.

Make your favourite breakfast and eat it in front of the telly.

Make a cup of tea or coffee and take some time to drink it without distraction rather than drinking it while getting ready/doing a million and one jobs.

If you live with someone put your phones down, turn the TV off and have a proper conversation about absolutely anything.

Do your favourite form of exercise (assuming it's lockdown friendly).

Indulge in some self care.

Video call a friend or family.

Sing along to some nostalgic music as loud as you possibly can (hi neighbours).

Make a picnic and eat it in your garden/living room. 

Make a list of things you'd like to do in the future.

Spend a few hours doing something purely for enjoyment; taking photos, reading a book, watching trashy TV.

Dress up in one of your favourite outfits.

Spend some time doing your hair and makeup.

De-clutter the spaces you like to chill out in.

Spend some time playing with your pets. 

Dance around like a wally to your favourite band.

Write your thoughts down in a journal.

Take time to appreciate the beauty in where you live while on your daily exercise.

Pick some flowers from your garden to display inside the house.

Talk about and research places you'd like to travel when you can.

Make something, draw something, paint something. Basically, get crafty.

Go through your camera roll and watch silly videos you've recorded.

Get lost in Pinterest.

Make a start on a project you've always wanted to; the book you've wanted to write, the side hustle you've wanted to plan, the music you've wanted to record - now's your chance.

Write a letter to send to a friend.

Cook a meal from scratch then eat and enjoy it without distractions.

Have a nice long bath, including wine.

Put on fresh pyjamas. 

Make a zen evening space; candles, lamps, blankets.

Get stuck into a gritty TV series, then follow it up with something funny and light.

Take your makeup off properly before bed and give yourself a mini facial.

Get into a bed made up with fresh bedding in plenty of time to make sure you get enough sleep.

Amy x


  1. This is a great list Amy! We should really work on lifting up our mood these days, and all your ideas are great. Opening the windows wide and letting the air and the sounds of the outside in always makes me feel so much better about being stuck inside. I hope you're doing well in these crazy times!
    Take care :)

    Julia x
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    1. Thanks lovely and I'm glad you found it helpful :) hope you're doing okay xx

  2. You're very right about putting one's phone down and just having conversations with the people
    around you. It's the only thing that's keeping me sane, right now.


    1. It's so important isn't it, a bit of human interaction when we can't really have any! x

  3. Everything just seems so relaxing. I actually learned to cook this quarantine period and I always have something different to cook everyday. I also started my workout routine. Lastly, I got addicted to Pinterest! haha

    Stay healthy! :)


    1. Pinterest is so addictive! I've loved cooking recently too! x

  4. One thing I haven't done in quarantine is drink (which is a shock) but the thought of wine and a bath does sound very appealing. I've loved spending so much time outdoors with the nice weather, one positive of lockdown is that its made me appreciate even more where I live xx

    1. I agree, I've been for more walks around where I live than I usually would and it makes you appreciate what's already around us :) also kudos for not drinking haha! x

  5. I love listening to happy playlists on Spotify, it's amazing how much of a difference fab music can make to our moods! xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. Definitely! A bit of a singalong and boogie does no end of good! x

  6. This is great advice - I'm really valuing those smaller things SO much more than usual, especially just doing my make up and hair everyday. Crazy how much it makes a difference. I hope you're keeping well <3

    // xx

    1. It makes such a difference doesn't it! Hope you're well too lovely :) x

  7. I totally agree with you on everything, but especially on time with pets! ;)

  8. These are all lovely suggestions for keeping our spirits up during these times! Also totally in agreement with your idea of dressing up and/or putting on makeup. It's a fabulous way of feeling brighter right now! x

    1. It really is isn't it, I've been getting ready properly almost every day! xx

  9. Such good ideas!! It's so important to stay positive during these weird and wild times x

    Grace ||

    1. It definitely is, hope you're keeping well lovely :) x


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