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AD // The Art Of A Slow Morning

AD // The Art Of A Slow Morning

Posted on: Sunday 3 May 2020

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

One thing I'm grateful for at the moment is the higher level of self-care I'm able to give myself due partly to having more time and also partly down to not feeling guilty about doing so. Usually I fill my to-do list with so many things that on top of work, a social life and keeping my house relatively clean, self-care ends up slipping right to the bottom of my priorities.

In the current climate that's obviously changed; weekends spent entirely at home, less hours in the office than usual and a bit of working from home mean I've been able to simply slow down. 

A part of my slower days I'm really enjoying at the moment is my mornings. The recent gorgeous weather (up until the past few days anyway!) has meant the sun comes streaming through the french doors in our dining room; the perfect setting for eating breakfast. So I thought I'd bring you along on one of my dreamy slow mornings...

Not setting an alarm is (quite literally) the dream so we wake up naturally and, fingers crossed, well rested. The curtains are always left slightly open (something my younger monster-fearing self would be appalled at), letting a golden sliver of morning light peek through, easing us gently into the day ahead.

Bleary-eyed conversations are had whilst stretching, yawning and blowing away the cobwebs of bad dreams. The curtains are eventually thrown open, the bed is made and we pad downstairs in our slippers.

The french doors are opened, encouraging two ginger cats to stretch, meow and patter outside for a roam in the garden. Fresh air breezes through into the kitchen as the morning sunshine dances on the table, the trees outside casting the loveliest of shadows.

As the glorious sound of the kettle boiling for a morning coffee fills the kitchen, food options are deliberated and settled on. A bit of pottering and (sometimes) cooking follows before the table is set and breakfast is served.

Breakfast provides the least slow part of my slow morning as it's always eaten relatively quickly (it is my favourite meal of the day after all), but a chapter of a book is often devoured then the table is cleared and the pots are washed alongside idle chatter or some post-breakfast dancing. We settle in the living room with the dregs of our coffees and an episode of something light on the telly.

Getting ready starts with a refreshing shower, or maybe even a cheeky morning bath if I'm feeling indulgent (although the desire for a bigger bath like one of these Waters baths is real), followed by the kind of treat yo self skincare routine I usually only have time for on weekends.

A slow potter about follows; choosing an outfit, taking time over my makeup, styling my hair, all of which is accompanied by an upbeat playlist to provide some motivation.

And finally, my slow morning is over (by which time it's most probably the afternoon); I'm refreshed, relaxed and ready to face the day.

What does your perfect slow morning look like?

Amy x


  1. This is a lovely post, and you have such a wonderful way of writing. I completely relate to taking time to enjoy my mornings - I could get used to the lack of commute! I love the double exposure photos here too :)

    // xx

    1. Awh thank you so much, I could definitely get used to slower mornings! x


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