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A Wee Weekend in Glasgow

A Wee Weekend in Glasgow

Posted on: Sunday 20 March 2016

Last weekend I visited Glasgow for the first time (well, apart from an apparent visit when I was about three, but yanno, no memory and that). My best friend lives there and despite the five hour solo drive (fuelled by a million coffees) I thought it was about time I paid her a visit. And Glasgow, you are beautiful and I was not disappointed. 

I'm not going to structure this post in particular because it wasn't a visit with the purpose of touring around Glasgow and we spent a lot of it just wandering and chatting, but I'll just take you through what we did, which will of course include the odd recommendation for food, drink and sightseeing (also you should just go really because it's lovely).

ceiling of huge botanical greenhouse

The weather was amazing; so sunny and actually really warm (a rarity for Glasgow though apparently). I'm sure that even when it's a bit grey Glasgow would still be beautiful though, as all the buildings and streets are so pretty. Even though it is a totally different kind of city, it made me miss living in London so much because it has that same exciting fast paced feeling and coming back to Hull made me realise how behind Hull is as a city (sorry Hull, love you still but c'mon mate).

On my first day we went to the Barrowlands, which are huge markets full of cheap gems (got some jammy saucers to keep my plants on as well as some new plants so probably should have gone back to buy extra saucers...) then wandered into the city centre where I lusted over the Jo Malone counter and spent too much money in Lush. 

I didn't know before I went, but Glasgow is the vegan capital of the UK and we ate at the yummiest vegan cafe called Mono (someone tell me how they make mayonnaise without using eggs??). In the evening we went to the cutest (although also massive) pub called The Chip, which was on a street covered in fairy lights. Much impressive Glasgow.

The next day we spent wandering the West End, where my friend lives, which is jam packed with cute cafes, vintage shops and the like. We visited the botanical gardens (basically my absolute heaven) and sat in the park in the glorious sunshine. Healthy food was ridiculously available in Glasgow (someone please open a healthy deli in Hull where I can buy lunch) and I had a tasty green juice from All About Juice (later followed by McDonalds at a service station on my way home so that's balance right there). I was pleasantly surprised by Glasgow and I'll definitely be doing back to explore even more!

woman walking along walkway in a botanical greenhouse

close up of plants in botanical greenhouse

pond inside greenhouse surrounded by plants

sunlight streaming through huge tall plants

huge palm leaf

huge leaf against blue sky through greenhouse roof

Have you been to Glasgow? 

Amy x


  1. Beautiful photos, I would love to visit Glasgow! The Botanical Gardens looks gorgeous and it sounds like such wonderful place to visit :). I hope that you had a great time :).

    El xxx

    1. I can definitely recommend it as a lovely place to visit! I had a lovely time thank you :) xxx

  2. Glad to hear you checked out the Jo Malone counter ;) Looks like had an amazing time hun, the botanical gardens look so stunning!


    1. Haha yes I had to! Kinda glad there's not one near me now because my bank balance would be very sad! Xx

  3. I've never been to Glasgow but it's definitely on my list! I didn't know it was the 'vegan capital' of the UK, either, that makes it even better. :) xx

    1. I would definitely recommend it as somewhere nice to visit! And some lovely vegan places to eat! Xx

  4. What wonderful photos, looks like you had a nice time. Gemma x


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