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20 Things You Notice During a Harry Potter Marathon

20 Things You Notice During a Harry Potter Marathon

Posted on: Sunday 6 March 2016

At the start of this year me and one of my best friends had an actual Harry Potter marathon. When I usually use the term 'Harry Potter marathon' it means a couple of the films were on TV and that's how I spent my afternoon, but this time I mean that we started watching The Philosopher's Stone at 8 in the morning and finished Deathly Hallows part 2 at 3am the following morning. We were both so proud (this is the point where you're allowed to be rude and tell me to get a life), but along the way there were a few 'observations' we made - I thought it could be fun to list our random musings on here (sorry if you're not a Harry Potter fan, this will be dull for you!) 

1 - What did all the pure blood children do before Hogwarts? Did they go to wizard primary school? And if they didn't how did they learn to read and write?

2 - Although it's nice that wizards use owls, mobile phones would definitely be quicker...

3 - Also biros would be a lot less hassle than quills.

4 - In The Philosopher's Stone why did Dumbledore fly all the way to the Ministry of Magic in response to that urgent message when he could have used floo powder and got there straight away? Then he would have known it was a hoax much quicker (but I guess that wouldn't do much for the plot...)

5 - Why did they only ever have one flying lesson?

6 - Where are the showers?

7 - Isn't it just the biggest coincidence that Scabbers the rat ended up living with someone who would become Harry's best friend? 

8 - Where did Ron get the sellotape to fix his wand from in The Chamber of Secrets?

9 - The slug belching scene is definitely not as gross as you imagined it would be.

10 - In the Prisoner of Azkaban it's never actually explained who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are.

11 - If Fred and George had always had the Marauder's Map, how had they never noticed that Peter Pettigrew was sleeping in Ron's dorm?

12 - The way Hermione pronounces 'owl' when she says 'I'm not an owl' in Goblet of Fire will never cease to annoy you.

13 - Once the idea is planted in your head that every time there's a close up of Harry in pain in the final film it's actually his sex face, it's hard to take him seriously.

14 - Why are the characters not much sadder when Fred, Lupin and Tonks die in the final film? I mean while I'm still sat on the sofa sobbing they're having the generic end of film motivational chat.

15 - Isn't Harry whiny?

16 - Seeing as Harry has loads of money in the bank why does he never ask if he can use some of it to do something a bit better in the summer holidays?

17 - Since Harry is a horcrux would it have been impossible for him to die any of the times he nearly died? (apart from when he's stabbed by the basilisk, obvs).

18 - At the very end how was Harry just able to snap the most powerful wand in the world in half with his bare hands?

19 - Snape dying will never get any easier.

20 - A Harry Potter marathon is always a good idea.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post! If you have any other Harry Potter wonderings please leave them in the comments!

Amy x


  1. HAHA amazing! We have a routine of watching one every night before every night BUT never have we done a proper marathon so I feel like a fraudulent fan now hahah! Snape dying is just the worst now, only because Alan is gone and it just breaks my heart! xxx

    1. Ah one every night sounds like the perfect plan, weirdly I still wanna watch them all again haha! Xxx

  2. Oh my I would LOVE to have a Harry Potter marathon, what an amazing idea! It would be so much fun! I definitely have to do this one weekend with lots of snacks, it would be fab :D.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading :).

    El xxx

    1. It's such good fun, we did it on a weekend with loads of snacks and then ordered takeaway halfway through too! Xx

  3. I feel like this post was pretty much MADE FOR ME ;) I bloody love this so much, so many of the points I was nodding along to although the sex face thing has scarred me for life haha!


    1. Haha thanks lovely, sorry for scarring you for life though, hope you forget about that point by the time you next watch it! Xx

  4. Wow, what dedication! I have always thought it was way too much of a coincidence that Scabbers the rat ended up with Ron, though I suppose the magical world is quite a small one. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. That's true! Pretty handy for the storyline too haha xx


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