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System Professional at Unique Salons

Hessle, UK
Recently I've been in a real hair rut, partly because it's the one part of my beauty regime that I always seem to skimp on (messy hair is chic right?) and partly because I couldn't seem to find any products that worked for my hair. So when I was kindly invited to Unique Salon in Hessle for a blow dry and an introduction to the System Professional product range I jumped at the chance.

The premise behind System Professional is that we as individuals need a tailored haircare routine to suit our needs, just as we have a skincare routine. It's fairly logical if you think about it - I wouldn't use all moisture heavy products on my skin because as well as dryness I need to tackle blemishes and some oiliness and the exact same goes for my hair. System Professional gives you an individual 'energy code', which tells you which products from the range suit your hair. This is worked out by answering some simple questions about your hair and you can actually find yours out online here.

My experience at Unique itself was made absolutely lovely by my stylist Ellis. I felt totally at ease talking about my hair concerns and she was very helpful and honest in her advice. Once I'd found out my energy code (B1+R2+V3 if you're interested) Ellis explained exactly what that meant and what each product would do for my hair. Straight after washing I could see and feel the difference in my hair. I have quite a sensitive scalp, which is usually visibly red after washing and my ends are usually quite tangled and dry. After a wash with the Balance Shampoo my scalp looked so much better, which I was amazed by as I'm not used to seeing results the first time I use a product. My hair was also much less tangled than usual and felt amazingly soft.

 I've had a fair few bad experiences at salons, mainly involving the stylist not listening and giving me a style I've not been happy with. This experience was completely different - Ellis listened to exactly how I like wearing my hair and blow dried it into a style that I loved and that made my hair look really healthy. This was the first salon I've been to where I actually felt like my stylist was truly passionate about her job and actually cared about making my hair the best it could be. I will 100% be going back there in the future and even though it's a little bit more than I've paid in the past it's worth spending that little bit extra to get hair you're 100% happy with.

In terms of System Professional I was so impressed with the results from the shampoo that I bought it (and this is a girl who has never bought a product from a salon before #ultimatestinge.) The shampoo was really very pricey at £18.25, but I'm willing to pay that if it's going to solve my scalp issues and having tried so many products that have failed I'm just so pleased to have discovered one that actually works!

I would definitely recommend the lovely team at Unique and if you're not local you can check out which salons near you offer the System Professional range on their website.

Have you heard of System Professional? Where do you like getting your hair done?

Amy x


  1. Your hair looks beautiful and ever so stunning! I love how it has been styled :D. I would love to try some System Professional hair products, they sound amazing! I hope that you had a lovely time at the salon :).

    El xxxx

    1. Thank you lovely, it was such a lovely experience! And the products are so nice! Xx

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing. Your hair looks beautiful :)

    Camille xo

  3. Your hair looks amazing! Sounds like a really cool system, I definitely want to know my code haha! I found my scalp used to be irritated when I used shampoos with sulphates in so could keep an eye on them next time if you don't want to spend as much :)

    1. Thank you lovely! That's a helpful tip I'll look out for sulphates in future - might save me a bit of money! Xx


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