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Beating The January Blues

Beating The January Blues

Posted on: Sunday 14 January 2024

A forest scape in winter; the sun is just poking through the almost bare trees and the muddy forest path is littered with brown leaves

I am really not a fan of winter. It's just so bloody long. I can just about cope with the cold weather and dark mornings while I've got the distraction of Halloween then Christmas, but when January arrives and brings yet more cold weather and dark mornings with what feels like no end in sight I start to feel a little blue. 

This year I'm putting some plans in place early doors to give January a bit more of a purpose and lift my spirits until spring finally arrives and my spirits are lifted permanently (until it's winter again that is...)

Try to get outdoors everyday // I added 'try' to this because although I am fairly well equipped for all weathers, there are just some days that make getting outside pretty near impossible (torrential rain and wind I'm looking at you). I do usually tend to get outdoors most days, but I've definitely found that habit lacking a little recently with all the busyness of December so January will feel fresh if I make it a habit again. 

Wear an outfit I love everyday // It's very easy when I don't have very many plans aside from looking after a toddler all day to just shove on the same comfy and practical outfits every day (with washes in between just to clarify...) Wearing an outfit I love and feel great in is always guaranteed to lift my mood so in January I'll be doing a bit more digging through my wardrobe and experimenting with my style again. 

Make lots of time for getting cosy and reading // I always try to read a little before bed and it's a habit I love, but all too often I run out of time to settle down and read properly because I'll have been doing jobs/work/watching telly. I'd like to make some time to intentionally sit down and read a little earlier in the evening with a nice cuppa and a candle lit. One thing I can embrace about the colder weather is the opportunity to get cosy. 

Make lots of plans // Something that will definitely lift my spirits is keeping busy. I'm going to try and make plans for every day in January, even if those plans only involve myself and my toddler. As well as plans for the month itself, I want to spend January making some plans for later in the year too, maybe even booking in a little spring holiday. Planning exciting things to look forward to is a real mood booster. 

Look after my body // I hate making any sort of 'resolution' when it comes to my body because for years I always used the new year as a way of starting a new fad diet, but I can't hide from the fact that my body takes a bit of a battering in December from all the Christmas food and no time for exercise. For me it's now about how I feel and I know that if I take a bit of time to look after my body, eat nutritious food and move around a bit more I'll feel a lot better in my mind too. 

Amy x


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