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(ad) Slow Styling// Jewellery

(ad) Slow Styling// Jewellery

Posted on: Friday 26 February 2021

This post contains gifted products.

close up of girl wearing two necklaces, one is a gold bar necklace, the other a pendant

"Today is a great day to quit fast fashion."

Slow fashion has often been defined as quality-based rather than time-based; slower and more thoughtful production, investment over throw away and overall simply less consumption. We tend to speak about the concept in relation to clothing, yet it applies just as much to jewellery and accessories, which can often be overlooked. Just as with clothing, we need to take a long hard look at all of our fashion consumption and work out how we can continue to express ourselves through style while also being a conscious consumer. 

The thing about jewellery is it's actually easier to consume less. Jewellery is already a lot more timeless and less trend-led than clothing. The concept of buying to last has existed for longer in the jewellery world. If you choose your pieces carefully they'll go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, something that can't always be said for clothing. I was recently asked to put this to the test by Joshua James Jewellery and the pieces I picked out went beautifully with everything I styled them with.

So here are my tips on slow styling with jewellery:

Invest more, consume less // In the past I'd go to Primark for a jewellery haul, wait for it to break/lose it's colour/make my ears go green then potter off and replenish it. The thing is, it doesn't take long for cheap jewellery to do any of the above so if you can afford to spend a little more on something that will last, it's well worth it (if you can't however, then that's totally okay - there are other ways to consume less!).

Timeless over trends // Opting for timeless styles that will go with everything you wear and that you won't go off in a years' time means you get better value for money and you won't feel the need to constantly be buying more. Luckily this is already a selling point for jewellery so there's plenty of choice of timeless options!

Choose your metal // Are you team gold, silver or rose gold? Despite having the odd dabble in silver in my time (and occasionally mixing, controversial I know), I tend to always come back to gold so if I'm making an investment in something timeless, it's gold I'll go for.

What are you going to wear it with? // Hopefully the answer is everything! I styled my pieces with a plain tee and jeans combo, my favourite vintage dress, a cosy jumper and a floral blouse. All bases covered and proof that jewellery is firmly a part of the slow fashion movement.

Featured items (gifted): Gold plated engravable ID bar necklace, 9ct gold Sagittarius zodiac pendant, gold plated and blue labradorite ring, 9ct gold interlocking circle ring, 9ct gold interlinked circle stud earrings


  1. I don't wear a lot of jewellery, so what I do buy tends to be on the higher-quality side of things. I LOVE that Sagittarius piece! It's a perfect size - I find a lot of the ones I see have a pendent that is too large for my preference.

    Great tips, by the way! It's funny: I worked in a jewellery store and really started to prefer white gold during that time, but now I'm back on the yellow gold.


    1. That's great, I think that's already the mindset of a fair few people when it comes to jewellery! I'm definitely with you on the yellow gold :) x

  2. Really like this post, and how gorgeous are these photos??! I also totally used to be someone who would do a whole haul of Primark jewellery, only for it to turn my hand green in a couple of weeks. So whilst a couple of costume pieces are still staples in my collection, it's those pricier pieces that will stand the test of time. Also great tip to ask yourself what a piece will go with. I'm such a sucker for seeing something pretty and clicking 'buy' without truly considering how it will fit into my style.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    // xx

    1. Thank you so much! Yesss I'm amazed that I've managed to style these with so much, it's great! x

  3. What beautiful dainty pieces! And I agree, I have a few gold and silver pieces that are timeless and I'll always treasure and wear for years to come! :)

    Hope that you had a nice weekend :) It was a bit hot and humid here but we still managed to get out to the park :)

    Away From Blue

    1. I love that I have pieces I'll wear forever! Glad you had a nice weekend, it's just starting to get a bit warmer here! x

  4. Wow such beautiful jewelry. Will check them out.
    xx- Nina

  5. Thats a great idea to styling outfit. Love it so much!

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