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The Happy List 6.0

The Happy List 6.0

Posted on: Tuesday 9 March 2021

cup of black coffee next to a bouquet of dried flowers

Lighter nights.

The faint scent of spring.

The rarity that is an undiscovered local walk.

Freshly painted nails making you feel like you could rule the world.

Making someone you love laugh.

Saying 'good morning' to people you don't know.

Sunday roasts.

Watching trashy TV.

The calmness of being by the water.

Golden hour evenings.

Having things to look forward to.

Real conversations.

Pre-spring clear outs.

The luxury of a mid-afternoon glass of wine.

Waking up from a full nights sleep.

Listening to music that makes you emotional in a good way.

Proper belly laughing.

Rediscovering spring outfits.

Feeling energised.



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