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My Love Hate Relationship With Setting Goals

My Love Hate Relationship With Setting Goals

Posted on: Sunday 5 January 2020

So it's a brand spanking new year; a time we often associate with a fresh start, reflections on the past year and making resolutions for the year ahead.

I must admit I do enjoy the feeling that comes with a new year; I'm sat writing this in bed on new year's day with a load of washing on, a freshly tidied bedroom and all the best intentions of  completing the ginormous to do list sitting next to me. And I feel very content right now.

Somehow the first few hours of 2020 have cleared some cobwebs from my head and it feels good.

One thing I haven't done though is set any sort of resolutions or goals for the year ahead. I realise this is a very divisive topic; some people revel in making yearly, monthly or even weekly goals whereas others despise the pressure that comes with a new year and the assumption that we should use it to strive for something better when we may be perfectly happy with what we already have.

I sit very much in the middle; some years I've loved setting resolutions and goals for the year ahead, but those years have mostly ended in me being bitterly disappointed in myself for either giving up or not achieving what I'd set out to.

To put it simply, I love setting myself goals, but I absolutely hate not achieving them.

This year setting goals felt to me like I'd be starting the year on a negative; already piling enormous amounts of pressure on myself that I definitely don't need as well as not truly believing I'd achieve them all anyway.

So this year I'm resolution and goal free and maybe that's why I feel so, well erm, free.

Next year might be completely different and I might be in a goal setting mood again, but I suppose my point is, if setting goals means you're putting an unnecessary amount of pressure on yourself, are they really worth it? At the end of the day, you do you hun (bloody can't stand that phrase, but sometimes it's just apt isn't it?).

Amy x


  1. I can totally understand where you're coming from. Personally, I love setting goals, although it can also create an unwanted sense of 'urgency' when it's July and you've realised nothing has been ticked off the list haha. Happy New Year! x

    1. It definitely does haha! Hope your year is going well so far lovely :) xx

  2. What a thoughtful post! I love the topic goal setting and motivation. I get the hate love relationship with goal setting. For me the trick is to set different levels of goals. Some are easily reachable and others are a bit harder to get. That ways I stay motivated throughout the process.

    lots of love, Miri


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