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Can I Be A Sustainable Fashion Blogger?

Can I Be A Sustainable Fashion Blogger?

Posted on: Sunday 12 January 2020

Oh hello and yes, I'm sorry, this is another post about sustainability in the space of a month. I promise I'm not going to go all preachy on you, but it's a topic that I suppose I've been thinking about a fair bit recently.

Sitting down at the beginning of the year to have a big blog planning sesh got me pondering on how being a fashion blogger really does clash with being sustainable. So rather than burying my head in the ASOS app and hoping my guilt would somehow disappear, I decided to tackle the issue in a blog post instead and question whether it's at all possible to be a sustainable fashion blogger, however much of a paradox it may sound.

Obviously I'm aware that there are plenty of sustainable fashion bloggers out there who are far more equipped to talk about the topic than me, but the whole point of this post is that I'm coming at it from the point of view of someone who enjoys a little jaunt into Primark, doesn't really pay attention to where or how her clothes are made and can't hold back in the Topshop sale.

In other words, I'm a complete amateur.

When I started blogging about style (I do prefer that term over fashion because I have no idea whether I'm actually fashionable at all, but I do enjoy getting dressed so there ya go) there was a lot of pressure to be seen in the latest trends, never to post the same outfit twice (both of which I didn't actually adhere to) and to generally buy a lot of new clothes (definitely did adhere to this one to be fair). Nowadays I feel like that pressure has been relieved, which is obviously excellent and it's changed the direction and purpose of fashion blogging as a whole.

Which leaves a lot of us wondering, what do we do now?

Over the past year I've already made a lot of changes in how I shop without even really thinking about it all that much. I've only bought things I really love (yes I do realise how ridiculous that sounds) , I've shopped locally more often than not, I've given up 'hauls' completely and despite never thinking I would, I've started investing in less, better quality items over lots of fast fashion.

The change in attitudes towards fashion blogging has certainly made being more sustainable easier; people don't mind if you post the same outfit multiple times, in fact it's applauded. The insatiable desire to own the latest 'in' thing that every blogger and their dog is wearing seems to have massively died down too.

While the above is all extremely positive, it does mean that as fashion bloggers (and therefore, presumably, fashion lovers in general), we have to question where we stand; how can we remain true to ourselves and our passion while not ignoring the responsibility we have to make some sustainable changes now we know the impact fast fashion can have?

At the end of the day, we're not all going to become sustainable goddesses overnight and as is the case most of the time, it's the gradual changes that stick. So for now I'm happy that I have at least been taking some positive steps towards becoming more sustainable fashion-wise and I'll still be blogging about my personal style; just maybe expect to see a little more outfit repeating and second hand purchases than before.

So can I be a sustainable fashion blogger? Watch this space...


  1. Very interesting post! I have never thought about it ealier :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad it made you think :)

  2. I love that you'll be making more of a conscious effort to become a sustainable fashion blogger! These are truly lovely photos of you by the way Amy! Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle, hope you had a fab weekend :) xx


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