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AD // Interior Snapshots: My New Home

AD // Interior Snapshots: My New Home

Posted on: Thursday 29 August 2019

This post is in collaboration with LionsHome, but all opinions and photos are my own.

I had planned to start writing interiors posts again almost as soon as I moved into my new house, but time flies and rooms get messy and photos don't get taken and all of a sudden I've been living here for over three months and I'm only just getting round to writing my first one.

So without further ado, welcome to my new home! It's a very small two up two down house, which was actually marketed as a 'cottage' (I'm not sure why because it's actually terraced, but I assume it's just because it's quite cute).

I thought I'd start the interiors posts simple and just give you a few snapshots of the space, how I've styled it and a few new purchases (hello bright yellow sofa) I've made. So feast your eyes on my best attempts to make this small rented house my home...

L I V I N G  R O O M

I may as well call my living room the cats' bedroom because it's incredibly difficult to get a photograph of this room that doesn't include one of their many beds #spoilt.

There are some really interesting features in this room, such as the cute wooden door leading to my stairs and a handy built in shelf running along the top of the fireplace. It was a tricksy one to style because there isn't all that much wall space, which meant the positioning of my sofa (which was on offer from Argos here FYI) was pretty much decided for me, but it works and I love how it looks next to the mirror and big plant by my front door.

My other favourite thing in this room is my desk area, where I created a mini print wall and which is where I do most of my blogging (unless I'm being lazy and using my laptop in bed *ahem*).


I do adore this bedroom; absolutely stuffed to the brim with clothes anywhere I can put them (yes I have a problem), it gets loads of evening light and I have a lovely view of a church out of my window. All in all, very zen.

I started off with every intention of being very hippy cool and just having a mattress on the floor to sleep on; sure, it looked nice and it was alright for a bit, but in the end I decided that I needed a bed because getting up off the floor just ain't as easy as it used to be.

As much as I'd have loved a fancy metal bed frame like one of these from LionsHome, I opted for this one from IKEA, which despite deciding to build it on the hottest day of the year has been a very wise and comfortable investment.

I won't bore you with the bathroom or kitchen because we all know they're fairly bog standard in rented houses and in all honesty I've not done much to them in terms of putting a stamp on them, but there you have some snapshots of my new home (finally).

Amy x


  1. Looks like a cute little house, hope you'll be happy there xx

  2. What a lovely house! I like the little snippets you've shared, it looks so nice!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! We went to a birthday party in the park which was a lot of fun :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thanks Mica, glad to hear you've had a lovely weekend :) xx

  3. It looks so lovely and peaceful! We are currently trying to do up our new flat - I can't wait to get to the stage where it is looking cute like yours


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