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The Floral Co-ord // Then And Now

 Floral co-ord // Monki 

Let me tell you a (rather uninteresting to most of you I imagine) story about my fashion journey. My mum decided that at the ripe old age of seven I was old enough to choose myself an outfit. I went a bit go bold or go home and opted for a garish floral co-ord. Big bright pink and orange flowers printed on a matching white blouse and skirt combo.

Little did I know that come 2019 I'd be very in fashun and so I find myself in the position where I've essentially replicated my very first outfit over twenty years later.

Seven-year-old or twenty-eight-year-old, you simply cannot go wrong with a floral co-ord.

The new co-ord in question is slightly less garish with more muted colours and smaller flowers, but makes me feel every inch as sassy as I felt in the first one (which, as a seven-year-old girl very much into the Spice Girls was off the richter scale levels of sassy).

It's nice to take outfit photos and put them on my blog circa 2014 style and this post is nothing deeper than a little girl and a grown woman feeling sassy as hell.

Amy x


  1. Aww! Mini Amy! I love seeing photos of people when they were little; too cute! Isn't it funny how fashion ends up repeating itself haha?! :) x

    1. It really does doesn't it, couldn't believe it when I realised! xx

  2. What a fun set and how cute you wore something similar as a kid! I like how fashion goes around in circles, although I don't think I was a very trendy kid so I'm not sure I recognise much. i remember dungarees though, so have skipped that this time around, haha!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Haha I skipped dungarees this time round too although I would love a pair! x

  3. I love wearing florals, especially in the summer. Lovely photography x

    Steph |


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