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AD // A Big Juicy Guide To Hull

AD // A Big Juicy Guide To Hull

Posted on: Wednesday 31 July 2019

This post is sponsored by the University of Hull, which FYI has excellent outfit photo backdrops.

I often write about places I've visited for the day or been on holiday to, but when the University of Hull asked me to write about my city, it made me realise how ridiculous it is that I've not written about the place I know best; Hull, and about all the wonderful things right here on my doorstep.

Instead of telling you the reasons why I love Hull (my gal Ashton did this well enough with her viral thread you can find here) I'm going to do a big juicy round up of all the things you can expect to enjoy if you ever come here to visit, study (FYI, clearing at the University of Hull is open to apply for now and if you carry on reading you'll discover why Hull is an excellent place to choose) or even if you already live here!

W H A T  T O  D O

There's really quite a lot to do in Hull, but I'll attempt to keep it short and sweet while at the same time trying to not miss anything out...

S H O P S // Hull seems to have upped its shopping game in the past couple of years, meaning you don't necessarily have to trek to Leeds or Meadowhall and can easily find heaps of goodies on home soil. The city centre has a fair few chains, plus some lovely independents like Beasley's and Chinese Laundry. Venture onto Humber Street and you'll find the beaut Tessie's and 19point4. Further afield Newland Avenue is the absolute bees knees for charity shops.

M U S E U M S // Hull has heaps of free museums, mostly located in Hull's Old Town, which is lovely for a wander too (oh and if you are wandering round there see if you can spot my face on the side of a building mega lols). The Streetlife Museum is my favourite and the Ferens Art Gallery is free and worth a visit too. The Deep isn't free, but is a fab day out for kids (big kids included) and once you've bought a ticket that gets you in for the rest of the year.

F E S T I V A L S // Hull has two main festivals; Humber Street Sesh the first weekend of August and Freedom Festival the first weekend of September. Humber Street Sesh is jam packed full of local bands in venues around (you guessed it you clever thing) Humber Street, whereas Freedom Festival is a mixture of music, theatre and dance across the city.

P A R K S // Hull has a fair few green spaces; but East Park is my favourite. It's enormous and a bloody lovely day out, complete with a little farm, a big lake and a cafe.

Photos: Violet Glenton

W H E R E  T O  E A T

Onto the important stuff. Considering places to include as recommendations in this post made me realise just how good the culinary (yes using a big posh word thank you) offerings in Hull are. I'm going to split this section into categories based on location, mainly so I don't have to describe where each one is separately, which would only waste precious words that could be used to describe food instead.

C I T Y  C E N T R E

Head of Steam // Cosy vibes, live music and an excellent veggie and vegan selection. Drooling now.

The Brain Jar // Hipster central, mouth-watering pizza and rather excellent cocktails.

Furley & Co // Craft beer central, but also very nice halloumi burger central.

Trinity Market // A covered market with heaps of food options so you can all have something different and still sit together (personal faves are The Greek and Falafia).

Marla's // The absolute cutest sandwich shop with v friendly staff. You will leave extremely full.

T H E  A V E N U E S

Zoo Cafe // A veggie/vegan cafe that makes the best avocado on toast I've ever eaten.

Barista // Bold claim, but probably my favourite place to eat breakfast. Much choice.

Level // Just bloody excellent food from somewhere you'd maybe think of as average at first glance.

Roots // Not the best for veggie options, but if you're a meat lover and like your food with a side of strong cocktails then this is your jam.

Thai House // The best Thai in Hull. I'd really quite like to go right now.

W E S T  H U L L

Urban 44 // Another v nice place for breakfast in cute ol' Hessle.

26 Wilson Street // Endless breakfast options and quite conveniently within walking distance of my house.

The Beech Tree // A pub but a nice one with pub grub but nice pub grub.

The Greek // Just give me all the halloumi and meze and I'll be happy forever.

Cascara // V cool place for if you're drinking with your food (gin as big as my head).

W H E R E  T O  D R I N K

As well as food, Hull isn't short on places to drink and the good news is it's CHEAP. We might complain about slightly higher prices in some of the more up and coming areas, but anyone from outside the city manages to remind us that actually it is still a pretty cheap night out.

H U M B E R  S T R E E T  //  Definitely my favourite place to drink, Humber Street is a supa cute fairy lit (going with that as a phrase) street by the marina. Bars range from hipster filled Thieving Harry's, which I love at any time of day to the fancy Humber Street Distillery Co, a gin bar that (drumroll pls) has coffee gin.

T H E  A V E N U E S  //  Within walking distance of all the student areas, The Avenues has heaps of choice; The Adelphi or Polar Bear for live music, 80 Days Bier Haus if you're into (you guessed it) beer, Larkin's Bar for a lovely beer garden and Pave for your standard know-what-you're-getting busy bar.

S P I D E R S  N I G H T C L U B  //  I had to sneak Spiders in here because if you're going to go to a club it should be this one. Ridiculously cheap drinks, a choice between heavy metal, motown or nostalgic indie and a cheesy chip van outside. What more could you ever want?

And there you have it, my big juicy guide to Hull. Have you ever visited Hull? Would you consider studying here?

Amy x


  1. Ooh, well now who better to take advice on Hull from, hey?! I've never visited before and so will have to keep your points in mind should I ever find myself in the area! :) x

    1. Definitely let me know if you ever do pay a visit :) xx

  2. I love your jumpsuit! I've never been to Hull but it looks like there is a lot to do there! thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thanks Mica! Hope you've had a lovely start to the week xx

  3. Such a great guide was lovely to read!

    Gemma x

    1. Thanks so much Gemma, hope you visit someday! xx

  4. My friend used to live in Hull and she always said how nice it was there and how many great foodie places there were! x

    1. Yes so much choice of amazing food places! xx

  5. I'm liking the sound of the independent shops and the parks. Would love to try out some of those food places too.

    1. The independent shops are great and the food places are amazing :)


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