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15 Signs You're Having a Quarter Life Crisis

15 Signs You're Having a Quarter Life Crisis

Posted on: Sunday 26 July 2015

1 - You're doing all these adult-type things like thinking about mortgages and buying fresh herbs, but you still feel like you're 10 years old playing grown-ups and you fully expect your mum to call you in for tea at any second.

2 - You double take at what you think is a 12 year old driving a car and then despair at how old you must look in comparison to this newly legal driver.

3 - You have a dilemma about your dress sense - is it still OK to wear crop tops and flowery dresses or do I need to start wearing power suits now?

4 - You're starting to worry that you're never going to be as wise as your mum because surely by now you should also be able to solve anything?

5 - You go to a nightclub and wonder how all these underage people got in. It's because they're not underage.

6 - Thinking about all the things you thought you would have achieved by now makes you hyperventilate.

7 - Discussing with your friends people you went to school with who have recently got married/had babies as if it's a massive scandal, but then realising that it's totally normal because you're all (supposedly) adults.

8 - Following the discussion with your friends about people who are married/having babies you suddenly wonder why you're not getting married or having babies even though you definitely don't feel ready for either of those things.

9 - You see somebody you used to babysit for in a local pub...drinking. You spend the whole night trying to convince yourself it's not them.

10 - Your criteria for a night out is going somewhere where you'll be able to get a seat and it'll be quiet enough to hear each other speak. Oh and your curfew is midnight.

11 - Every time you see friends from school all of your sentences start with 'remember the time when...' because it's much easier to think about the past.

12 - Every so often you'll come up with an amazing idea to go off and do something completely different like be a Disney princess or work on a ranch in Texas (although you don't actually follow any of those ideas through).

13 - Your hangovers are just horrendous. And you only had two drinks.

14 - You have a meltdown when you don't get asked for ID even though you hate having to root through your purse for it.

15 - Every time you're down a beauty aisle you eye up the anti-ageing ranges and think...NO NOT YET PLEASE.

Amy x


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