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Products I Always Repurchase

However much I love trying out new products there are a select few that I never stray from and always repurchase, without fail! I suppose you could call these my all time favourite products (and no, they're not necessarily all that interesting)...

Batiste Dry Shampoo | I haven't actually ever tried a different dry shampoo because this one already does the job perfectly and it doesn't exactly break the bank does it? I try to only wash my hair every three days so this helps stop it looking flat, limp and greasy on that final day. I'm not actually mad keen on the scent of this one, but the tropical one smells coconutty and divine.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | I've spoken about this product before and as with the dry shampoo, I've never felt the need to bother trying a different powder because I can't imagine one doing a better job than this! I always feel like I'm airbrushing my face when I use this, plus it stays put all day. Probably the saviour of my makeup bag.

Anna Sui Sui Dreams Perfume | I've been using this perfume since I was about 16 and when I say I repurchase it, what I really mean is my Grandma buys me a new one for Christmas every year. It's my all time favourite scent and I can't see myself ever not having it seeing as I've stuck with it for 8 years already. I first got into it because my friend bought me the body cream and I loved it so much I went the whole hog and got the perfume.

Vaseline | My obsession with Vaseline started when I was about 14 and my first love was the aloe vera version. I don't rely on it as much as I used to because the amount I was using probably wasn't good for me (can you get a big vaseline ball in your belly like you can a hairball?)...but I always apply it to my lips once in the morning and once in the evening and it's just so good. 

Barry M Nail Paints | I own so many nail varnishes, but most of them are Barry M because they're just so cheap, the colour range is so vast and the formula is really good. Can't go wrong eh?

Do you have any products that you always repurchase? Have you tried any of these?

Amy x


  1. I'm also I big fan of Batiste dry shampoo! I agree with you on the Barry M Nail Paints too, the colour variety is so good!

    Hannah | Rated In Beauty

    1. Yeah they are both so great I haven't found any better! X

  2. I love the stay matte powder as it's so affordable too such a guilt free purchase and I haven't found anything better than batiste yet! xxx

    1. Stay matte is my ultimate fave product ever I think! Xxx

  3. YES! Batiste and Barry M Nail polish are like my two favourite things :) x


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