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Please Don't Accidentally Body Shame

Please Don't Accidentally Body Shame

Posted on: Friday 3 April 2015

I've seen a fair few posts about body image recently and I feel like sometimes they fall into one of two categories that seem to oppose each other. Some people are championing curves and saying that skinny models are unrealistic and unhealthy, which in turn has spurred skinny people to write about how the fact that skinny is now viewed negatively makes them feel bad about themselves. To me, this is madness. It's almost like people are writing posts about body image designed to make people feel better about themselves but in the process body shaming others - say whaaaaat.

Body image is a tough subject to write about because how can you make every single person of every shape and size imaginable feel better about themselves by telling them all the same thing? You can't really. So I'm not going to try and make people feel better about themselves with this post, because chances are if you feel bad or self conscious about your body then reading a blog post isn't magically going to make you feel better about it. I'm not even going to try and persuade you to accept who you are because I'd be a massive hypocrite seeing as I don't really want to accept my body the way it is. The thing is, absolutely everybody has hang ups about their body whatever their shape or size (if you don't then boy would I love to know your secret!).

I'm all for trying to raise body confidence and in no way do I want this to be a negative post - I just want people to think a little bit more when writing about body image. I know it's hard to get the balance right and it feels nice to try and make other people feel good about themselves, but if it's making a different group of people feel bad about themselves in the process it's not ideal! At the end of the day it's about how you feel in your body rather than what it actually looks like so don't body shame others who are probably just as self conscious as you.

I hope this post hasn't come across as really negative, it's just something that's got me thinking. Does anyone else agree?

Amy x


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