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Two Days in Milan

Two Days in Milan

Posted on: Sunday 19 April 2015

You might have read in last Sunday's post (here) that I went to Milan for a couple of days last week with some friends and in this post I wanted to share some pictures of the trip as well as recommendations of things to do if you fancy going yourself!

I went with two friends from work and we chose Milan simply because it was the cheapest place on Skyscanner (anyone else love going on Skyscanner and searching for 'Everywhere' as your destination? Yep, that's how it happened). We were there for two nights and almost two full days, which actually was enough to see and do everything that we wanted to so it'd be a fab place to go if you're after a cheap weekend break. Here's what we got up to...

The Duomo // The Duomo is a beautiful building, the highlight definitely being the roof terrace - the roof itself is beautiful as are the views you get from it so I'd definitely recommend going to the top if you're able to (I believe there is a lift at least for part of the way, but we braved the steps #thighsofsteel). The inside provides the usual cool respite from the heat outside (one of my favourite things to do abroad is cool down in a church).

Exterior of The Duomo, Milan

Exterior of The Duomo, Milan

Candles inside The Duomo, Milan

Exterior of The Duomo, Milan

Exterior of The Duomo, Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and la Rinascente // There are two shopping centres off Piazza del Duomo worth a visit; the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is just beautiful especially the glass roof and la Rinascente is lovely for lunch as it has a roof terrace with a choice of three restaurants with a view of the Duomo and piazza. I wouldn't recommend actually doing any shopping in either of them though unless you're a millionaire!

Ceiling of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II interior

lunch of cous cous salad

Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione // Down the road opposite the Duomo is the Castello Sforzesco which is well worth a see and out through the back is Parco Sempione which is such a pretty place to stop and have an ice cream!

stone fountain, blue sky

huge tall castle, red brick

big red brick castle, blue sky

view across a park, blue sky

ice cream in the park

huge Marble Arch

Navigli District // The Navigli District is a system of canals, alongside which are lots of restaurants, cafes and bars so it's a lovely place to go for a coffee/meal/drink. We wandered down there at about 6pm and stayed until 10pm so that we could experience it both in daylight and at night time.

restaurants alongside a canal

people walking alongside a canal

Those would be my main recommendations for things to do although there is obviously a lot more worth doing and seeing on top of those! As you can see from the pictures the weather was absolutely beautiful for us and I'll share some of my outfits in a post soon!

Have you ever been to Milan or if not would you like to?

Amy x


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  2. Lovely Post - am thinking of going to Milan again soon too - def one of my favourite cities! (see my Milan street style under fashion - smile) x

    1. It's great isn't it! I would 100% go again!

      Amy x


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