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Minimising My Life

Minimising My Life

Posted on: Sunday 7 May 2023

Amy is standing in front of a blossom tree with her hands up to her hair. She is wearing jeans, white trainers, a white shirt and a brown check jacket.

I'm definitely not a minimalist in any area of my life and I never will be (who knows when I might start liking that skirt I've had packed away for five years again?!), but I'd like this year to be the one I de-clutter my life a little (perhaps starting by getting rid of that skirt...) I always find some motivation in spring that I lack at the start of the year to set some sort of goal, so starting now it's time to minimise my life...

I suppose it's come from spending so much time at home recently (thank you maternity leave), which has made me realise just how much unnecessary stuff we accumulate and how much quicker the house becomes messy because of it. Being in a messy house just does not make me feel good and seeing as I am in it a lot right now that's some big motivation to get it sorted. 

I'm not a massive hoarder by any means and I wouldn't say our house is full of messy clutter, but I've always been the type of person who keeps things 'just in case', which is a habit I'd like to break. If it doesn't serve a purpose and I don't use it, it's going! The following is what I'll be sorting through and how I'll be doing it:

C L O T H E S // Probably the biggest one and the area that will make the most difference. Both myself and my boyfriend (who is currently blissfully unaware of my de-cluttering plans that will hopefully involve his wardrobe too) are a big fan of clothes and style and although we both make a lot more sustainable choices in regards to fashion these days we both have a lot of clothes we've had in our wardrobes for years. We have a decent sized walk in wardrobe that is definitely too full, plus clothes stored under the bed for seasonal rotation. I'm planning to get rid of anything I don't wear anymore, plus anything that doesn't fit me and will be either donating them, selling them or taking them to a clothes swap event. 

B O O K S // We have some really nice built in bookshelves in our living room that now look far too cluttered thanks to our ever growing book collection. I love a good book, but there are plenty on there that I've read and won't read again so why am I keeping them? I'd like to get a stack ready for the charity shop and get our shelves looking nicely styled again! 

S K I N C A R E  &  M A K E U P // I have already started being pretty good at this, but could definitely downsize a little more. I used to be such a make up and skincare hoarder, but now I only buy what I need; however I probably still currently have more than I'll use. I need a good organise and am going to try and not have duplicates of products; this will probably take longer to de-clutter properly as I'd ideally like to use products up rather than getting rid of them! 

M I S C E L L A N E O U S  S T U F F // I don't know if it's just me that has a few drawers just full of stuff. An old spare iPhone with a cracked screen, old tangled headphones, more pens and notebooks than I will ever need to use. Finding storage for this kind of thing is the bane of my life and then I never actually find myself using any of it. This will hopefully free up some much needed space for much more useful bits and bobs! 

Are you a minimalist, a hoarder or somewhere in between like me? 


  1. I have a big urge to be a minimalist, it just seems so FREEING but when it comes to throwing stuff away, I just can't do it!

    Corinne x

    1. I am totally the same! The idea is so appealing though x


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