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Second Trimester Diaries

Second Trimester Diaries

Posted on: Sunday 12 June 2022


After proof reading the below I think you can definitely tell that I've been feeling a lot more positive in my second trimester than the first trimester; I guess it's true what they say about the second trimester being the good one! 

28.02.2022 - 14 weeks pregnant

Well it's true what they say that the time between your 12 week scan and starting to feel the baby move is an odd time; I weirdly feel more worried now than I did during the first trimester. My morning sickness is definitely much better, my acid reflux is like a raging teenager and my back/hips have started to hurt particularly at night. It's so much fun this pregnancy lark honestly. I've invested in a pregnancy pillow, which was insanely comfortable when I first popped it in bed for the first night (last night), but I still wake up in the night feeling uncomfortable and I think I'm just not meant to sleep in the same position all night. 

11.03.2022 - 16 weeks pregnant

I've managed to completely bypass a 15 week entry as I'm technically 16 weeks today, but we've been away to the Yorkshire Dales for a few days, which was so nice and definitely needed. I don't feel like I have too much to say pregnancy symptom wise, as not much has changed since my last entry. One thing I will say is that it kind of feels like being pregnant has taken over my life; it's all I can think or talk about (though I am trying to make a conscious effort to not become that person who speaks about nothing else!).

19.03.2022 - 17 weeks pregnant

17 weeks! Baby is now the size of a turnip (although I'm not sure how big a turnip is exactly) and I am very much a fan of the second trimester life. I'm very hungry at the moment, I literally cannot stop eating, which at least makes up for the three months prior to this. Aside from that, my second trimester symptoms are much the same as I wrote in the first entry. One thing I will say is that I'm not overly impressed with my antenatal care so far. I'm always a little hesitant to criticise the NHS because it's generally amazing and we're very lucky to have it, but I'm onto my third midwife already because they keep moving staff around (which is fine by me as I wasn't really a fan of midwife number 2 anyway) and I just feel like you're left to your own devices a lot more than I expected to be.

28.03.2022 - 18 weeks pregnant

18 weeks and I'm getting pretty impatient for that 20 week scan because I'm at the stage where I just want to make sure everything is still OK! I haven't felt baby yet, but that's something else I'm looking forward to because it'll be a little extra layer of reassurance. I didn't realise I would worry so much all the time, but I'm constantly hoping baby is all good in there.

04.04.2022 - 19 weeks pregnant

My back and hips are absolutely killing me this week (okay, slight exaggeration, they just hurt a bit), but my bump has started to grow a lot bigger so I imagine that's why. I'm maybe feeling the baby (have had what feels like bubbles in my tummy once or twice a day for the past three days), but it's definitely hard to know if that's the baby or just what I've had for lunch...

12.04.2022 - 20 weeks pregnant

My 20 week scan was a few days ago and it was so nice to see baby again, plus we got to hear the heartbeat. Safe to say we have one healthy wriggler in there who made the sonographer's job pretty difficult! I'm feeling much more relaxed now and those bubbly feelings I had last week have stuck around; we even felt some tiny kicks from the outside last night for the first time so safe to say that's definitely baby movement!

19.04.2022 - 21 weeks pregnant

After one tiny meltdown last week where I thought I'd stopped feeling the baby kick (tiny meltdown is a big understatement tbf) I'm now feeling much more relaxed! My sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today so it's super exciting that she will have a new cousin in around four months time!

09.05.2022 - 24 weeks pregnant

Had a little break from writing last week as we went on our babymoon! (Matthew hates that phrase so I'm using it as much as possible). We drove across to Normandy in France and it was so nice to finally get abroad again for the first (and probably the last!) time in a while. Aside from getting tired quicker than I usually would my symptoms are pretty much the same as they have been through the whole second trimester. 

23.05.2022 - 26 weeks pregnant

There seems to be some debate about whether the third trimester starts at 27 or 28 weeks, so I'm just going to end this diary here as not too much is changing week by week at the moment anyway so this is my last entry of my second trimester! I'm getting bigger and more uncomfortable (hello lower back pain), but I would have expected that at this stage! I've finally met my new midwife, who I really like and should now have the same one until the end so that's a positive! The baby is so active; pretty much every time I sit down it's wriggling and kicking like a right trooper so I think we're going to have our hands full. Onto the third trimester!


  1. I loved reading this! The second was was the best for me too, well after 20 weeks when I felt less sick. The worry never stops, does it? It's such an exciting and scary time, it's strange how much you love and care for someone you've never met!

    I remember the bubbles too and being unsure if it was a kick or not. It's not like on TV where they're like 'Ohh IT KICKED!' is it?

    Corinne x

    1. I was so surprised that the worry doesn't stop, I thought it would after 12 weeks! Haha yeah for ages I was like is that the baby or just wind! x

  2. I seen you went to Normandy recently and I hope you had a wonderful time! x

    Lucy Mary

  3. Loved reading this! It takes me right back. You'll have to read this back once baby's here too. It'll be so lovely having two babies of a similar age in the family. I'm so glad you're second trimester had treated you a bit better. X

    1. Awh yeah I will definitely keep reading them back I'm sure! x


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