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The Happy List // 2.0

The Happy List // 2.0

Posted on: Sunday 12 May 2019

Catching up with a friend you haven't seen in years and immediately remembering why you were friends in the first place

Beige clothes

Having so much fun you forget to check your phone for hours

Buying someone a present you know they'll really love

Coffee and croissants

Sticking to your guns, however difficult it may be

Too much pizza

Sleeping with the window open

A supportive comment from someone who doesn't realise how much you needed it


The people who just get you when you think that nobody will

Making plans, big or small

Looking to the future, not the past

Cooking a meal from scratch

The smell of fresh air after it's been raining

Getting lost in a book on the train

Minty lip balm

Brief moments where you feel like it may just be possible to actually get your shit together


  1. Oh I love this. How good is the smell of fresh air after rain though?! X

  2. Now this is a great happy list. Catching up with friend and the last one about getting your shit together is defo me too. :-)

    1. Awh I'm glad there's some stuff on there you can relate to! xx

  3. Love this positivity! Hope your week is going well.

    Gemma x

    1. Thank you Gemma, hope you're having a lovely week so far! xx

  4. What a pretty photo, Amy! Those eggs looks immense x

    1. Thanks lovely! They were pretty good :) xx

  5. What a great list! I really like cooking a meal from scratch in the evenings whilst listening to music (possibly with a g&t!) and then eating it without rushing around - perfect!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Yesss sitting down to eat and actually taking time to do it is lovely :) xx


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