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I Think I Have Fashion Block

I Think I Have Fashion Block

Posted on: Wednesday 11 July 2018

Top - Primark | Trousers - Primark (both current) | Sandals - Asos

If you're a blogger or a writer of any kind, I'm sure you're familiar with writer's block. I had a case of it earlier in the week; after attending Blog At The Beach at the weekend I was super motivated to get my blog on, but turns out I had nothing to say. Now I do have something to say though and it's about a different kind of block altogether - fashion block (doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it?).

If you know me personally (or if you've ever been to my house and noticed the unnatural amount of storage that's no longer just contained to the bedroom) you'll know I have a lot of clothes. I actually had a clear out last month, which resulted in three big bags going to the charity shop and me thinking that I'd suddenly have this neat and tidy wardrobe where I'd be able to see every individual item because so much space. How wrong I was. It turns out that my wardrobe is a little like a huge meal that makes you full before it looks like you've even made a start on it. 

So we've established that I have a lot of clothes. That is, surprisingly, because I like buying clothes. I like a lunchtime meander through Primark, I like an evening scroll through ASOS and I LOVE next day delivery. But recently I've just not wanted anything; nothing is catching my eye on the high street and I don't want to pop anything in my ASOS saved items. And not only that, but I don't want to wear anything in my wardrobe either. I mean I am wearing things from my wardrobe, for decency and the sake of the general public, but I'm not excited about putting outfits together like I previously would have been. Essentially, I have fashion block. 

I think I've spent a long time being influenced by bloggers and magazines and trends and ended up buying into things that I'm not really that invested in, hence the nonchalance towards my own wardrobe. Somewhere along the bandwagon, I've lost my own sense of style and I'm not sure how to get it back because I don't know what it is. One of my favourite online gals at the moment, Vix, recently decided to start a capsule wardrobe after experiencing a similar thing and although I know that a capsule wardrobe isn't for me (see my earlier point about liking buying clothes) I do know that I need a similar sort of switch up. So, with that in mind, I'm going to impose some rules on my wardrobe and on my clothes buying habits with the hopes of getting my style back.

1 - A ruthless clearout. Instead of keeping things because I 'might start liking them again' or 'it might be useful for fancy dress someday' (seriously, I haven't been to a fancy dress party for about five years) I'm going to get rid of them if a) I haven't worn them in the past year, b) I'm not sure if I like them anymore or c) they don't fit (clothes that don't fit are courtesy of my old buying things in the wrong size because they're in the sale habit).

2 - Only buy things with longevity. I'm not saying I'll never buy into trends, but I want the ones I do buy into to be ones that, despite what's 'in', I'll still like. Take skinny jeans - I bought into them when they were 'in' but I still practically live in them because they're the style of jeans that suit me best. I'd like to shoutout here to my Topshop Jamie Jeans which I've had for about eight years and (aside from a spot of turquoise nail varnish that I spilt on them when they were new) they're still perfect. So more of that. 

3 - Outfit plan. When I try everything on for my clearout I'd also like to determine what goes with what because I'm sick of waking up and thinking 'ooh I'd like to wear that shirt' then being able to find zero options that actually go with it. If I do have clothes that go with nothing else, I'll either get rid or make a list of them so when I'm shopping next I can keep an eye out for things that will go. 

4 - Pinterest. I used to use Pinterest quite a lot for style inspiration, but it became just another social media platform I couldn't keep up with. When I look back at what I pinned years ago, I'm still like 'yassss that's the kinda style I want' so I need to get back on there and get some inspirational juices flowing. 

How do you get out of a style rut?

Amy x

Photos: Violet


  1. I totally get this - I feel like Instagram can be a dangerous place for convincing we love clothes and trends we really don't'.

    I've certainly brought my far share of clothing items I've shortly after realised are not me at all. I feel like recently I've really begun to understand what my favourite style is and I find myself thinking a little longer about something before I purchase it and if it fits in with the items I really every day.

    I also totally get the fashion block thing but I sometimes think it's just stores stocking pieces that don't appeal to me - I'm always changing what my favourite store is as they bring in new lines :)

    Amy //

    1. I think it's definitely important to be a bit more mindful of our purchases! Whether we really want/need/like something or not! Thanks for reading :) xx

  2. Despite having a shit tonne of clothes i often don't like anything in my wardrobe, so i can relate, but i could certainly never have a capsule wardrobe, i do not have the restraint xxx

    1. Yeah a capsule wardrobe is certainly not for me haha! xx

  3. These are great tips, and I really like your outfit! :) I go through my blog archives when I'm uninspired, or pick something from the last outfit I did like and try something similar. I'm a big fan of repeating outfit formulas that work! I used to find instagram style challenges good to to get me looking at my wardrobe differently, but I haven't found them a little stressful to keep up with lately as I'm not on instagram as much as I used to be.

    Hope you are having a great week so far other than the fashion block :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Oooh I've not tried Instagram style challenges before so that's definitely something to keep in mind! xx


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