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10 of the Best Things to do in Hull

Hull, UK
I was apprehensive about the title of this post because I feel like it needs to be '10 of the Best Things to do in Hull in my opinion' but that's too long and doesn't really have quite the same ring to it does it? What I'm trying to say is this is only my opinion so don't hate me if you don't like any of these things.

For coffee - Thieving Harry's Thieving Harry's does amazing coffee. There are other places in Hull that do it quite good, but if you want your coffee really really good then this is the place to go. It's situated at the end of Humber Street on the marina, which is a lovely place for a stroll too and makes for a beautiful view if you manage to get a window seat. The interiors are so unique and the building has kept some of the signs of the warehouse it used to be. Plus they have board games if that's what you're into!

For coffee stop #2 - Planet Coffee | I promise this isn't all going to be about coffee. Just had to squeeze one more in there because I couldn't not include this place. Planet Coffee is more about all the flavoured syrups, all the whipped cream and all the chocolate flakes. They do indulgent coffee and it's definitely one to try on rainy days.

For lunch - Sleepers I say for lunch, but I actually usually order from the breakfast menu at lunchtime! The eggs at Sleepers are divine and they do so many variations. Eggs aside, they do have a nice lunch menu as well - flat breads with all different kinds of fillings, it's generally just alla the yum and caters for everyone. Speaking of catering for everyone, I've heard that they're very good for gluten free and coeliacs too, although I can't verify that myself. The interiors in Sleepers are seriously dreamy and a blogger's heaven as there is so much photo opportunity!

For dinner - Kardomah 94 | FYI we call it tea not dinner here, but I thought most people reading this probably call it dinner! This is a tricky one because everyone likes different types of food and there are some amazing places, but in the end I just went for my favourite. Kardomah 94 looks like a council office from the outside with the inside being nicer although still not the most amazing interior. What's amazing about this place though is the food. Like, really amazing. Think ginormous pizzas and Mediterranean style platters galore. YUM.

For cake - The English Muse | Last food related thing to do in Hull I promise (although what's better than food, really?) The English Muse is a lovely little cafĂ© and does the most amazing cake including some gluten free options. It also does the yummiest iced teas in summer too. Iced tea and cake, what more does a girl want from a city?

For a walk - Hessle Foreshore | Possibly cheating a little bit as technically Hessle isn't in Hull, but it's really not far and the loveliest place for a walk, particularly on a summer evening. There's a (roughly) two mile long path running alongside the river from Hessle to North Ferriby with stunning views of the Humber Bridge. There's an ice cream van and a pub right next to the bridge so what more could you want really?

For a rainy day - The Deep | OK so I know The Deep is probably #1 on every list of things to do in Hull and I almost didn't want to include it because of that, but there really isn't all that much else to do on a rainy day. It is pretty impressive is you're into aquariums and there's a lift at the end that goes through the tank so that's pretty darn cool.

For a sunny day - East Park | East Park is a real hidden gem in Hull quite near the centre. I imagine you could probably spend a full day there if you have kids as there's a play area, a pond, a little farm and donkey rides, but if you don't have kids it's still really nice for a wander on a sunny day especially for a walk around the lake, which is stunning.

For shopping - Newland Avenue | When I say shopping, I don't mean the chains and shopping centres you can find in every city because I mean, I think you could probably work out where the city centre in Hull is. I'm talking about if you're looking for quirky boutiques, charity shops and cheap fruit and flower shops. On Newland Avenue there are enough charity shops to keep the most eager of thrifters happy, I'd definitely recommend paying both The Moon on a Stick and The Joshua Tree a visit if you're into interiors, plus there are plenty of lovely coffee shops to keep you happy on your way!

For a cheeky beverage - Larkin's Bar | I definitely don't claim to have drunk at every bar in Hull because we all know how much of a granny I am, but out of the bars I have drunk at, Larkin's is my favourite. It has a very chilled atmosphere and often has live music outside in the summer. It specialises in craft beer so if you're looking for cocktails then this isn't the bar for you, but I can confirm the wine is fine if beer isn't your thing! They also do amaaazing burgers (demonstrated below).

 Have you ever been to Hull? Would you ever visit? Send any recommendations my way!

Amy x


  1. I have never been to Hull but East Park looks so beautiful and don't even get me started on the food, especially after the last photo :))


    1. Food is the most important part of every city haha! East park is really lovely! Xx

  2. I would LOVE to visit Hull, it sounds amazing! East Park looks so gorgeous and I would really like to see the Humber Bridge, it looks so beautiful :)

    Have a wonderful week lovely :)

    El xxx

    1. Aw glad you think so! Hope your weekend was lovely too and you enjoyed the wonderful weather! Xxx

  3. Thieving Harry sure does like coffee with a view :D! This was an interesting post as I'd love to explore up North more :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Yeah there are some lovely places to explore up north! The view is so lovely from thieving Harry's! Xx

  4. Love so much the corners you show and trench too

    Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

  5. Your photos look amazing! The Deep sounds totally cool and I love your look on Hessle Foreshore. Great as always!

    Andrea | Collars and Bones

    1. Thank you so much :) glad you think so xx

  6. My mum went to Uni in Hull.. I really want to visit, will add this to the list of things to do!

    Love LC xx

    1. Aw hopefully she would agree with some of these then! You should definitely visit :) xx


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