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25 Things I've Learnt in 25 Years

25 Things I've Learnt in 25 Years

Posted on: Tuesday 1 December 2015

Oh HEY it's ma birrrrrthday! Exciting yes, but also slightly unnerving that I am now officially classed as 'mid twenties' and I can see 30 lurking in the distance laughing at me. Eek. Anyways, here are 25 valuable life lessons (ha) I've learnt in my 25 years:

1 - Getting to where you want to be will be hard work. Don't waste opportunities and don't wait for something to come to you, work work and work to get it!

2 - You will constantly ask your parents for advice about everything. And then you'll worry that one day you might be someone's parent and you won't know jack.

3 - However much you might have thought you were just one of those lucky people who could drink as much as you want with no consequences, you will discover in your 20's that hangovers do exist.

4 - You might be a bit worried when those millions of friends you had at school (yes I am exaggerating) just become acquaintances, but the few that do remain friends are the ones that matter.

5 - It's so important to look at your life with perspective. Stop wishing for something better and accept that what you have is a lot better than what a lot of people have.

6 - Eating well and exercising is actually important for your health, not just a way to try and make yourself look like a Victoria's Secret model.

7 - It's OK to say no sometimes, really.

8 - Overthinking the past is not productive. Forgive, forget and move on and you'll be a lot happier for it.

9 - You won't ever want to break with Christmas tradition. I'd like croissants for breakfast and a sack of presents under the tree that we can all open in our pyjamas forever thanks.

10 - Don't be embarrassed, ever. Anything that could possibly embarrass you is also something that you can laugh about.

11 - Sometimes life is not fair and bad things happen to good people. This is just something you have to learn to accept.

12 - It's totally acceptable to have a day where you stay in the house in your pyjamas eating chocolate and watching TV (as long as you don't do it all the time obvs).

13 - Walking is very underrated.

14 - Sometimes there is nothing better than being offered a cup of tea.

15 - It's great to set new goals and have ambition, but take the time to think about what you have already achieved.

16 - Pretending to be confident can actually do wonders for your confidence.

17 - Eventually you'll grow to not care about what's 'cool'. You'll dress how you want, listen to the music you like and watch what you enjoy on TV rather than what you think you should wear/listen to/watch.

18 - Where you used to be jealous of beautiful and successful women, you'll grow to admire and appreciate them.

19 - There's nothing like a bit of red lipstick to make you feel better.

20 - Eventually you will work out what does and what doesn't suit you fashion-wise. Once you've worked it out you're pretty much invincible (even if you do have a cry over not being able to pull off pencil skirts).

21 - You will never understand people who don't like chocolate.

22 - It looks like that Hogwarts letter really is never coming, but it's OK because you can still have monthly Harry Potter marathons.

23 - Sometimes people can be nasty, but the best thing you can do is just let it go (sang in the Frozen way if you so wish).

24 - There is always so much more to do, see and learn. Don't waste time.

25 - Be nice. That is all.

Amy x


  1. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY gurllllllll and number one for me is stop overthinking the past fo sho xxx

    1. Thanks lovely! Yesss that's such an important one I think I've only done in the last year! Xxx

  2. Happy belated birthday! Just over 6 months to go and I'll be 25 too. I won't lie, I'm shitting it haha. I love this list, they're all very valuable, VERY true, relatable points xx

    1. Thank you! Yeah it's scary but I've survived 25 so far haha xx


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