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Review: Benefit's Feelin' Dandy

I'm certainly not an excellent writer of beauty reviews, but I received this for Christmas and as it creates such a lovely delicate look I fancied putting fingers to keyboard and telling you all about it. I'm certainly more of a minimal make up look lover (mainly for the low maintenance aspect of it to be honest) and Benefit's Feelin' Dandy is the perfect little kit to help me achieve that. 

The set includes miniatures of High Beam, Posie Tint, Dandelion blush and Dandelion lip gloss. Also included is a handy 'Tips & Tricks' booklet, which tells you how you can use all the products at the same time if you wish and also which ones can be used for multiple things (clever eh?). The packaging, as is usual with Benefit products, is so pretty and bright, making the kit the cutest addition to your dressing table (or your floor if, like me, that's where you apply your make up). 

So, I'll run through the products individually as some I definitely like more than others:

High Beam // I've used High Beam for a long time because it's the perfect coloured highlighter for my skin tone and I'd just run out of my full sized version when I got this kit. I love how subtle it is, while still giving a lovely highlight and slight shimmer to the face. 

Posie Tint // Despite being able to use this on both lips and cheeks, this is probably my least favourite product in the kit. I find that when using it on cheeks it doesn't really blend very well and can look a bit streaky so I much prefer it on lips, where it does create a nice tint, albeit a little drying.

Dandelion Blush // I have quite porcelain skin so this is such a lovely pale pink shade for me. I use my own brush for it, as the one that comes in the kit is quite small and stiff and doesn't cover a big enough area for it to look natural. I'd definitely invest in the full sized version of this blush as it's perfect for me.

Dandelion Lip Gloss // I'm not usually a lip gloss person, but I absolutely love this one and wear it pretty much every day. It's so smooth and moisturising and tastes really good too (although I am aware that's not a particularly good reason for wearing it). It's got a very subtle colour and isn't at all sticky, which is really nice for everyday wear. 

Overall I'd definitely buy full sized versions of High Beam and the Dandelion Blush and the only reason I wouldn't buy the full version of the lip gloss is because it's not really a product I throw a lot of money at! This is a fab little kit for paler skin tones.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Amy x


  1. This is such a cute kit! I've recently started using the dandelion blush, for a paler pink tone. It all looks lovely on you :)

    1. Aw thank you! Yeah I love it and will definitely be buying the bigger blush when this has run out!
      Amy x

  2. Thanks for the review Amy! I am also quite fair skinned and always looking for things to suit my complexion, its quite easy to look cakey when you have fair skin, isn't it?!
    Look forward to reading more from you
    Jessica x

    1. Glad it's useful! And yes I totally agree, I always feel like make up looks more obvious on me than on other people because I'm pale!

      Amy x


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