The Call Me Edit: July



  1. I absolutely love the idea of the "call me monthly" feature! I'll definitely be looking out for it each month on your blog! Will you be making each month's content a permanent feature on your blog? As in, will I be able to reread edits from previous months or will you just be taking them down?

    Anyway, I have watched a little bit of IGTV so far but I haven't fallen down the rabbit hole yet! Just like you tweeted earlier in the month, when IGTV first became a thing, I kept mistaking it for having a direct message on the app haha! I will be intrigued to see whether it becomes a major part of our insta experience. So many apps come and go these days, being a major fad at one minute and completely forgotten about the next! Also, I would absolutely love to wear more scarves in my hair, but my hair is so thick and unruly that I really struggle with it! I need to take inspiration from your ideas!

    Would definitely love to see this on your blog again, fantastic idea!

    Abbey xx

    1. Thank you so much Abbey! So glad you like it, it's definitely going to be something I'll do monthly :) in terms of being able to re-read previous ones, I'm not sure yet! I need to work out logistics of that, it may be that I link previous ones in the newest one but don't have a direct link to them from my site, if that makes sense!
      I had all the intentions of making some content for IGTV but most people don't actually seem too keen on it so I'm still unsure! xx


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